• What a surprise.  Leonard Boswell wants to gag the unions and the public advocacy groups.

    And what reason would The Honorable Rep. Boswell have for hating the citizens who organize through the ACLU, AFL-CIO, Sierra Club, SEIU, &c?  Maybe he just knows that the PAC system protects corporcrats like him from the free speech unleashed yesterday by the Supreme Court.

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    I'm voting for Luis.  My baby is coming soon.  He's less bad than the other guy.  That makes him the best.  I'm going to cast my vote for the best.

    Nice song, but a less than inspiring message, no?  

    Plus, I don't think those ladies are really pregnant.

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    This is brilliant.  The Republicans have been shouting fraud over every close election for years now.  By whining first, Coakley pre-empts the media from taking their accusations seriously. 

    It's just like the principle of candidates with an unexposed weakness.  Accuse your opponent of the same thing before it gets out about your guy and it'll just look like dirty schoolyard bullying when it does come out.

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    Melendez-Diaz for one.

    On the Amirault cases as well, she has chosen to put herself to the right of the unconscionable Scalia position on convictions and punishment of innocents.

    In her primary career as a prosecutor she has been a right-wing nut and a machine hack of the lowest order.  If she can get herself elected to the Senate, we can expect more abuse and betrayal as she exposes herself on a wider array of issues.

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    It's very easy to upgrade to Firefox.  Depending on your computer, Chrome or Safari may be easy upgrades, also.

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    I think we might be better off if the House passes the Senate version anyway. All this back room negotiating looks like a chance for special interests to take another bite at the apple. A public option is not on the table but corporate giveaways and Stupack are.

    We'll be better off taking the Brown medicine now and feeling better in the long term.

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    And good for us in the long run. Brown we can replace in 2012.  Coakley would have been a right-of-Scalia hack senator for decades.

  • And Carbon County, Republican-free since 1892!

    And Summit County.

    And Weber County.

    And San Juan County.

    And more...

    It's not just Salt Lake.

  • Unfortunately it is not the VRWC that is trying to squelch freedom of speech online, it's our own Democratic Incumbent Caucus.

    Most Republicans supported HR1606 (the good bill) while most Democrats voted against it.

    It's really our job here to call up our Democratic representatives and get them to do what's right.  

    I called up my Republican representative and asked him to co-sponsor HR1606 and he did (first time for everything, I guess).  

    Then I called up the neighboring Democratic representative and asked him also.  He didn't co-sponsor but he did vote right when the bill came to the floor.

    All it took was a few phone calls.  Now the rest of you do it.

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    Reverend is better than Senator, I guess.
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    Since anyone with the word "Senator" or "Congressman" before his name is a sure loser (except Bayh, who also has the title "Governor"), maybe the list should be shortened.

    From craverguy's favorite to least favorite:

    General Wesley Clark
    Governor Mark Warner
    Governor Bill Richardson
    Governor Evan Bayh

    Looks better for Wes now doesn't it?

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    We had a lng discussion about how to win in 2008 after the Salt Lake County Democratic Convention last night.  We thought the thing to do is to take advantege of the DFA sponsored chairs in CO and NM and the upcoming DFA or Progressive chair in UT to bring all the candidates to CO, UT, NM, AZ, NV, WY, and MT on a series of "western education" campaign swings.  

    We thought mybe Edwards or Bayh or Clark might have the instincts to learn about winning the West given enough lead time and encouragement.  We can't beat Frist in OH or FL;  Bush was known to be the worst president of modern times and he hit those states the worst with his bad policies, so Frist is likely to win by solid margins in both.  That makes our only chance in '08 either a governor from OH or FL or someone who can win in CO, NM, NV, and AZ.  Note also that those states could have been won with fewer additional votes than OH.

    But I will say that the very best ticket possible would be Schweitzer with Henry, Richardson, Reid, or Napolitano for veep.  (Maybe Freudenthal, but I haven't really heard much from Dave these past two years.)

    Schweitzer/Reid '08!

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    You're forgetting Kucinich's 100% Right=to-life record.  That will seriously dilute your Democratic Party consensus voting percentage.
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    I agree Cat Killer Frist is the almost certain R nominee.  Republicans always follow primogeniture. The last R candidate who could not be predicted easily four years in advance was nominated in 1964!

    The next in line (assuming Jeb doesn't jump in) is Senator Cat Killer.  And Cat Killer will probably be the next president if we don't get our act together and nominate a statewide office holder from FL or OH or a candidate who can carry NM, NV, AZ, and CO.

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    Kerry was the most left-liberal candidate in the field--bar none.  Take a look at liberal-conservative interest group ratings and issue agendas.

    Kerry was to the left of Holy Joe.
    Kerry was to the left of Breck.
    Kerry was to the left of Screamer.
    Kerry was to the left of the General.
    Heck, Kerry was to the left of Kucinich.  (less so if you ignore votes on reproductive choice)

    The voters knew this.  They also knew Kerry was trying to play at being a centrist, so Kerry lost the far lefties' enthusiasm and the swing centrists' trust at the same time.  If that's what you're saying, then say that, but don't reject true centrists (Clinton, Carter) in the process.


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