News Unfiltered Digest: DNC on Romney and Giuliani, Dean on Bush Veto of Water Resources Act

There are some items of note up on News Unfiltered that might interest the community.  

The DNC lists"smooth talking Mitt Romney's flip flops on eBay." From the DNC:

Having apparently run out of policy positions to auction off this campaign season, smooth talking Mitt Romney is now calling on his supporters to join him in selling off parts of their pasts too. While reports indicate Romney may spend as much as $60 million of his own money between now and the start of the primaries and caucuses, the campaign is still looking to reverse its declining fundraising numbers. This week, Romney's Campaign Manager Beth Myers emailed supporters asking them to help fundraise by selling their old belongings on "Mitt Market," an on-line auction site. Supporters can list their items on eBay through "Mitt Market" and designate the proceeds to Romney's campaign. As the "Mitt Market" website says, "from bicycles that the kids have outgrown to old electronics or baseball cards, your stuff may be someone else's treasure."

Also from the DNC:

Despite evidence showing that Rudy Giuliani knew about Bernard Kerik's ethical problems and still promoted his once-close friend throughout his career, Rudy astonishingly continues to claim ignorance. As Kerik prepares to surrender to federal authorities tomorrow for tax fraud, corruption and conspiracy charges, Giuliani has yet to explain why he shepherded Kerik's career while an ethical cloud hung over his head.

And DNC Chairman Howard Dean released the following statement on Bush's veto of the Water Resources Development Act:

"Today, Democrats in Congress scored a victory for the American people by overriding President Bush's reckless veto of the Water Bill. The veto put communities around the country at risk. For Bush Republicans to ask for a blank check for their failed policies in Iraq but refuse to invest in priorities here at home shows how woefully out of touch they are with our country's domestic priorities. The President also made it clear that two years after Hurricane Katrina, he will continue to ignore the Gulf Coast so long as it means scoring political points with the right-wing of his Party. The American people expect more from their government than obstructionism. I commend Democrats in Congress who continue to fight for a new direction and for America's best interests."

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