Congratulations Memphis - NCAA BB Championship

What an exciting basketball game we had last night. It became somewhat strange towards the end.

Heading down the stretch and only minutes to go, Memphis was up 9 points. The fans of Memphis started calling the game over, "we win" they deliriously cheered. Demands were being made that Kansas just quit. After-all, with Memphis in the lead late in the contest, what could go wrong? They would not stumble and KU surely was not going to go on a scoring streak this late. Kansas could not even appeal to the independent Super-Refs in hopes to go into overtime and win the darn thing. Defying all logic and making it worse, two Kansas players (who did nothing wrong) were not being allowed to compete because Memphis thought it would hurt their chances at a championship. Kansas fans knew it would call into account the legitimacy of a Memphis win should these players be banned from the contest. Unfortunately, they succeeded in blocking all efforts to allow these players in the contest. This sure left a sour taste with all the supporters of Kansas basketball. Some might decide to not even shake hands at the end.

After giving all thoughts and considerations to the requests of Memphis and their fans (especially the ones on the blogs) and for the good of the game, KU coach Bill Self shockingly decided to capitulate to the demands of his adversary and just walked away from the contest, leaving Memphis the NCAA Champions. As Jon Stewart rightly claimed, the best way for Memphis to win was in fact have Kansas stop competing.

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