PUMA... where'd you go?

Ahh, how sweet it is.  Remember how you demanded all that attention?  Remember when we told you to get over yourselves?  And you said you didn't have to?  Well, you were right, you didn't have to.  It turns out that the rest of the nation finally realized how insignificant you were, and just got over you instead.  :D

(is this snark?)

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Obama Has Been Attacked the Most, and Has Attacked the Least

Here is a very interesting study from Poblano at 538:


In it, he uses press releases from five sources to attempt to gauge which candidates have been attacking each other the most, and which have been suffering the brunt of most attacks.

As the front-runner, it's not surprising that Obama has been the target of the most, but it is strange (heartening?) to see how few "attack" press releases his campaign has issued.

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