ACTION REQUIRED: Executive Power Grab in Banking Bail Out Bill

This is from a diary at DKos about the proposed Wall Street Bailout and proposed legal language that we Democrats must make sure does not pass. this is the largest transfer of congressional power to the executive branch ever..this is an extension of the Bush regime's plan to apparantly destroy America the beautiful.

Original Diary is here: 153952/268/395/603713

All Credit to the diarist: Larry Madill

Please read and Do something!

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John Bush - Thank you Tom Ridge

Tom Brokaw talking with Tom Ridge. Tom Ridge sums up what they are offering America..this is so funny and so true.  Thank you Tom for being such an honest man and telling America the truth. Make the jump!

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Obama talks to HQ staff - Watch the video

Watch Barack Obama speak with his HQ staff and define what they are working for and what is at stake this election. Io

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Clinton and Monsanto = Fatter and unhealthy America

I read this over at DU and wow it made a great deal of sense and explains why we keep getting fatter and fatter...

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The Big picture...No matter who you Support

No matter who you support, you need to define in a tangible way what problems we need to address and who will address them and REALLY represent our interests.  We need a say in American policies again.

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