• candidate, however, we have shown more restraint in trying not to be as divisive and nasty. Why don't you clean out your own closet before you try to rummage through ours and point out or dirty laundry?

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    rejected and denounced his pastor, this is old news and the fact you keep trying to refocus back to it tells a telling story of where your mentality is...please crawl back under your rock.

  • we could save ourselves lots of money and take a damn poll in choosing them in the beginning of the primary..besides these polls are static and can change dramatically by November, therefore your argument does not hold water.

  • I think Clinton spread that herself and everyone heard it...who needs to spread rumors when you have video and every major media showing it. Now what was you saying?

  • Everyone got along including the nominees, until a certain vile nominee decided to renig on their committment to standing behind the DNC rules that they signed an agreement too and then started pitching the kitchen sink, septic tank, and loaded toilet strategy.  Nope sorry he has NOTHING to apologize for except treating Clinton with way more respect and dignity than was extended back to him.

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    I will be leaving this site and the party anyways, if this happens.

  • When pushed, I can be just as irrational as you guys. I would rather lose on principle and what is right than submit to maligned attacks, threats, and blackmail...not everybody can be pushed around, bribed, and compromised, Quite frustrating isn't it!

  • the Clinton's in the party...LOL.  That is funny since I can think of many bald face lies that has come right out of her mouth..intentionally.  I seriously doubt that the nominee will be FORCED to have a VP candidate that is not in their choosing and if your vote solely rests on having your way or lest you do something destructive and childish..I contend we are better off without your vote as a matter of pure principle...I would not lower myself to being blackmailed by a bunch of groupies and neither should the nominee.

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    I am not going to argue with you, however, rules are created for reasons..they are guidelines to keep things in order, they also describe consequences when someone or some entity fails to follow the guidelines.

    I am sorry that you hate rules so much, however, if we did not have some, people would be driving 175 MPH on the interstate, your children would never appreciate right from wrong because there would be no consequences...in essence our country and people would live in a state or anarchy. No thank you..I want some structure and consistency in the world I live in.

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    There were Democrats in the State legislature and they overwhelmingly voted for moving the date up...if I remember correctly, only one Dem voted not to do it.  While I concur the Dems did not have the majority in the state legislature, the were complicit to the problem.

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    I admit...I am doing him a disservice right now.  fortunately I am not being paid by him or on his campaign..he has much more patience than I do.

    I never said he can't bring about change, change in Washington yes..I think he can, he can set the stage to remove the special interests power from Government, he can bring change by being a President who listens to the people and doing what he thinks is in their best interest.  Bringing change in the division amongst the people in the country...that may prove to be a much tougher challenge...to many hardened opinions and diverse mindsets...you can never please everyone.

    8 Years of Bush has been hard on my family, I am worried about my childrens future and my possibilities to bring home the bacon, nevermind about possible retirement before I die.  I am terrified of the continuation of Bush's policies.

    I am worried about how crappy our education system has become, the cost of health care, food prices, energy prices...probably everything you are concerned about.

    At the start of the primary I could live with ANY of the candidates for the exception of Gravell...he seemed like a kook. If Hillary had won I would have felt just fine voting for her.  I originally supported John Edwards...his policies impressed me and he corretly identified the root of the problem in our Government which are special interests groups, lobbyists, and Big Business corporate influence.  These groups have worked severely against the interest of main street.

    Hillary really should have won this nomination, she ran a very bad campaign...many like myself want serious change and she came out with an inevitability attitude, defended special interest and lobbyist, refused to admit that her vote to give Bush absolute power to invade Iraq was a mistake.  She completely screwed herself and it showed after super Tuesday.

    She is drawing strong opposition from people like myself because rather than lose gracefully and realize where she went wrong, she chose to undertake some dark shades of gray tactics that has really deteriorated my respect for her.  I am less than please about her hypocrisy on Florida and Michigan, Raising John McCain as more qualified than Obama, and her recent assassination remark had to be her biggest misspeak of the campaign.  

    Honesty and ethics are important to me...very important, I see what happens when we have a President that does not have them. I hope some way some how the Clinton's can redeem themselves because they use to be huge in my eyes.

    Any ways...really got to go...thanks for the less than hostile conversation :)

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    Actually Keith has a well laid out chronicled analysis of exactly how your candidate has ran her circus she calls a campaign.  Obama has much more patience than I do.  I am certain I do not represent how he would handle himself, however, I sat by and watched Kerry destroyed by false BS accusations, the same kind coming from this site and from Hillary against Obama and I will not sit by and listen to it without fighting back.

    You and I do not see eye to eye and we probably never will, I have things that I have to get done around the house so I will not waste anymore of your time or mine in argueing with you any further.  You do not like my candidate and I do not like yours anymore...so I guess if there are many like us, then neither of them can win and we have doomed ourselves to McCain.  Have a great day!

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    feel right now...I would propose Keith Olberman spoke eloquently last night and expressed to a tee exactly how we feel about Hillary's campaign.

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    And you sound like one of those full of crap Hillary supporters that says Obama can't win...meaning "we bitter Clinton supporters won't vote for him. People like you are the reason I am up in arms and ready to fight

    isn't this your post...

    "Re: The Incredible Shrinking Talking Point (none / 0)

    Because she can win the the blocs needed to win the General and Obama cannot.

    Obama may get a kajillion votes, but he can't get the ones needed to win in November.  Clinton may get fewer votes, but she can get the ones needed to win the General.

    She couldn't win the primary because the same Democrats who were furious with Kerry and Gore for not going after the GOP with the kitchen sink (and for distancing himself from Bill Clinton, in Gore's case) have forgotten all that and once again have gone all soft and ridiculous and pious over being nice all the time.

    I think most Americans don't want a Republican in the White House, but that will bump up against their ignorance and fear of the unknown and the BS about Obama being so liberal, and they will vote for the person they feel they know better.  If it's Obama/McCain, they'll go with McCain.  If it's Clinton/McCain, Clinton offers them an alternative to the Republican whom they feel they know and doesn't feel as fringe left as Obama does.

    I'm not saying I agree with that thinking. In fact I don't. But I think it is the realistic thinking."


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