• so poorly of the 17 million people who voted for him. I hope he will pleasantly surprise you and earn your trust and respect and of course vendicate my vote to the 17 million Clinton supporters that think I am a naive, kool aid drinking fool.

  • He is one of my favorite Clinton supporters, he seems to have a good grasp on when its time to fight and when it is time to pack it in and root for the party.

  • to come to that realization themselves...and besides they probably will not come to this way of thinking until Hillary acknowledges this and releases them to support him.  We can't force Hillary or them to accept anything they are not ready to accept...I recommend talk about McCain's short comings and they will open the dialogue when they are ready to engage.

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    Some how I don't think everyone will stop until all the dust settles.  I have pretty much stopped posting for the most part since the interaction is so agressive and many times offensive causing me to take the same tone.  I think I will just be silent until everyone agrees that we have a nominee and are ready to do what Democrats are suppose to do which is support the nominee.

    Cheers to your good intentions and willingness to challenge us to tone down the attitudes.

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    Congrats on your win in SD

  • I really do not understand your postion and you really did not qualify any of your statements with any sort of evidence to substantiate how or why you draw your conclusions and think so poorly of him.

    Also...I could care less if he is a black man...I am white and I am not supporting him because of color...I want him to be a President for all people, not just that of color.  His health care policy is heads and shoulders above McCain's and was better to me than Clintons until she finally stated a maximum cost cap which you did not define for a long time.  Of course his plan can change and be refined and in all reality, neither of theirs was completely right, the only way to perfect it is to get the profit out of the system period and that would take a hell of a fight and neither Clinton or Obama were willing to wage that war to start out with.

    By the way....I feel your pain with health care, gas, groceries, education...etc.

    We have a choice now between Obama and McCain...can you in good conciensce tell me that Obama is worse than McCain????  If you tell me that is your position..I am afraid you and I are way far apart...My family can't handle another 4 more of Bush and McBush.  I can understand if you think Obama was not the best choice, even though I think differently, I can never understand anyone voting for McCain that calls themselves a Dem or Progressive.

  • The hate problem is stronger in the Clinton supporters than the Obama supporters. I am sure both sides have some of it, however, the last poll I heard was that a much larger percentage of Clinton supporters said they would not support the other candidate if they won, than Obama supporters that said the same.  

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion if you think I have a hate problem...I do not think it is worth while trying to convince you of something that I know is not true

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    Senator Clinton, regardless how each of us feel personally has earned the right to have options on the table.  Just as Senator Obama, she received a huge amount of support.  I think we should honor her within whatever is reasonable as many options as possible so that she feels appreciated and recognized for her hard fought effort.  And besides of it being the right thing to do, ask yourself this; Would you prefer a happy Clinton fighting next to you or a spurned Clinton resentfully fighting next to you.  I say we need a happy Clinton and hopefully a happy Clinton means happy Clinton supporters that will support the mission.

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    and unify the party...make sacrifices and extend olive branches to the other side.  Both Obama and Clinton are responsible for pulling this party back together and they both must work hard and smart to do so.

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    I think it is a wonderful ideal to pull in leaders of the party into these cabinet posts.  I think Senator Clinton would make an excellent Secretary of Health and further I would suggest after she gets the program done, consider her for a Justice post if she wants it.  Surely having all these leaders in the proposed Administration would unify the party to win...if not, the viability of the party is truly in trouble.

  • I think most of my fellow Americans can rise above this crap...especially given time, however, I do realize some bone heads will continue to stir up the pooh pooh...unfortunately it is just some peoples disposition to do so.

  • I answer to your broad claim that the Clinton's will be blamed if Obama loses.  I was trying for telling the truth about the matter and proposing how the blame can be avoided.  How you get that I sound like a KKK member is beyond me...did you pull that out of your butt or was it just a brain fart of a though of something completely irrational fire back with?

  • We are very uninspired that racial tones were introduced trying to make this primary about white -vs- black.  I understand why it was and it was a political strategy to stop momentum and try to reverse the flow...we all know that when it comes down to white -vs- black...the black candidate can't win in that environment and that was exactly the point in doing it.  

    Clinton intentionally damaged him to try to win, now she needs to find a way to repair the damage she caused...if she does this...all is forgiven and eventually forgotten, if the damage carries over into the GE and is a major factor then it is true, she will rightfully be blamed for causing the infighting that led to her supporters hating Obama so much they flipped it to McCain.

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    I am fairly certain she is stopping her campaign this evening. Hillary and her supporters which include yourself fought extremely hard and ran a effective campaign especially post super Tuesday.  I am sure you are not going to like the fact that Hillary is stepping down and I am sure you will be disappointed or angry...hopefully you will take the time to mend your wounds and then come back and support the Democratic party. Cheers.

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    It makes a great deal of sense and I hope you are correct.


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