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    Obama has used donor matches where if I donate $25 another doner does the same.  Maybe we could donate like that and Hillary's maxed out donors could match our funds to Obama...in other words technically you would be donating to Obama by proxy...is this a possibility?

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    I admit I am not on top of all the election finance rules...but hey..I was trying to find a good solution.

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    The Admin and Democraticunderground gave supporters on both sides until Wednesday to finish venting and after that, anyone using negative divisive language against either candidate will be banned...in other words are the Democratic party and we expect unity and support for the party...if you want to attack our party and leaders...join redstate.  I think Jerome and Kos should do the same.

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    and really that portion should not be considered in the deal, she chose to continue the campaign by using her funds, just like Romney did, you have two choices when funds dry up...fund yourself or stop your campaign, she chose to use her funds and that should be viewed as a self donation and non refundable.  Besides they have plenty millions more..We don't.

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    Most of us have chilled out and will continue to do so..I think we will be much more chilled after a good speach today.  for those over the top..please accept my sincere appology, we need to get past the infighting.

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    Senator Clinton could turn over her GE funds to the DNC and we could then donate to her primary rather than the DNC to resolve her debt...win win situation, the DNC is funded and she is relieved or her debt..what do you think?

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    For one...did you notice how stable prices were before Mr Bush took us into Iraq and Chaney had Exxon and Chevron write our energy policy?  Is this just coincidence?  If it looks like sh*t, smells like sh*t, then it is sh*t.

    Of course if we or Israel attack Iran I would expect it to go even higher, probably $200 per barrel, which subsequently is what Bin Laden was praying for as he said it would ruin our economy and he is right.

    I think the smartest thing to do is follow some plan like the bypartisan commission recommended to do and once Iraq is stabalized and we are out, their oil production will increase due to security and sabotage attacks not being such a big issue.

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    It's obvious that both sides see a different story depending on who you support. But you are on target...there is not use in continueing to argue and fuss with each other, lets just agree that both sides had opportunities to do better and as you said...kick McBush the thirds butt.

    Cheers to common cause.

  • are a little uptight and quick to snap...I appologize for those that go overboard.  I am willing to listen to anything reasonable or even a little unreasonable you have to say, even if I do not agree with you.

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    There are several of these kind of haters roaming around the net.  Just ignore and troll rate them.

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    about Senator Clinton, he has never accused her of being racist and therefore does not owe them an appology for something he did not do nor condone.  He never called them "nasty" or "monsters" maybe some of us Obama supporters did, yeah I called some of her tactics nasty...because I believe they absolutely were, I do not expect him to appologize for me and if you want to be ticked at someone..be ticked at me for calling her nasty.   A huge difference between the Clinton supporters and Obama supporters, Obama supporters were or are angry about what your candidate and or campaign said or did and we blame her...not her supporters (unless they echo it). Clinton supporters are angry at Obama for what his supporters have (said or done) and probably his supporters too.  I believe it is called misplaced blame.

  • It has completely irritated me that Obama was being accused of sexism, maybe some supporters were guilty but never Obama...I hope this clears this situation up once and for all and I would like to acknowledge Gloria Steinem for her honesty and standing up for justice and fairness.

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    the vetting process, from what I am hearing they are very resistant to that for some reason, I am guessing there are some funds and ties that Bill does not want exposed.  If they can't or will not allow the vetting then there should not be any consideration of her as VP

  • if the shoe was on the other foot...in fact I can think of several Clinton supporters that still has me ticked and it will take a while before I forgive them.

  • I would not say it has been one sided.  I have seen it from both camps and the hard liners on both sides inflame everyone else into a tizzy which at times included myself.

    I think time will mend the wounds for most...this primary was really intense and supporters on both sides were emotional, angry, and sharp with the tongue (keyboard in our case)


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