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    I accept peoples right to vote as they see fit, it does not mean that I will not encourage them to consider voting for the nominee which has a chance to win and cna make desperately needed changes.  

    Just for clarification..can you tell me what you are protesting?

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    But I recognize his right to run.  Lets face facts, our country is in really really bad shape and we can thank the GOP and Bush for most of it. Doing anything to allow the continuation of these policies represents insanity and a complete betrayal to our country, children, elderly, neighbors, self, and the world.

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    I respect your position but see it very different. I think those like yourself will have to go to the wash category.  Obama is attracting many disaffected Republicans and a fair share of Independents.  If he did what you want he would blow his message, look extremely weak, and he would lose a portion of disaffected Obama supporters, the Republican crossovers and a unknown percentage of his Independent support. By the way..the reason we have lost the last two elections is due primarily to not having strong Independent support and a certain percentage of Democrats that voted for Bush for whatever reason they justified it by...I guess maybe they did not think Kerry was one of them.

    I see not reason to argue with you...it is your vote and your right to vote as you see fit, just like my vote is mine.  Maybe before November you will have a change of heart.  Have a great weekend..well what remains of it :)

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    He set the example by changing the contribution rules in the DNC. This is his Main theme "Change" and he certainly can't win by being week and doing what you want at the same time destroying all credibility of his fundamental message...it would be like McCain suddenly changing his message to be anti war and pro choice...he would lose his whole support base...there is no difference.

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    What this is about is something you do not seem to understand or are not willing to understand...it is about change in Washington.

    What do you mean change in Washington, I mean breaking away from special interest, lobbyist and big business influence.  Adding a candidate to your ticket that has benefited greatly from such ties just really blows your message out of the water and make him into a LIAR.

    That is the big difference between Obama and Clinton, he is trying to flush them out of government and she embraced these groups and that is the single biggest reason of why some chose Obama over Clinton, if he does what you want he would fracture his own base and message...thats Not a winning strategy

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    Even though his policies represents my values and he is a fellow Democrat with a huge base of support, Even though McCain would trample on womens rights and progress...I will not vote for Obama unless he caves to my terms...I would rather cast a protest vote regardless what it costs the rest of the country.

    If we blow this election because attitudes like this...I am not going to have any sympathy for any of you that lose your job, house, reproductive rights, or children who die in Iraq or Iran...you let another Bush term come in..then damn you to the consequences...you deserve them.

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    not going to be blackmailed by you.  And if he did succumb to those tactics I would have less respect for him for being weak.  

    You know as well as I do that his policies are VERY similar to Senator Clintons, and if you were supportive of hers you should support his.

    McCain's policies are 95% Bush's...it's a no brainer...vote for your policies and interest or vote your anger...that is your choice, telling Obama who to put in his staff is not your or my option.

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    If turned around..of course we would vote the candidate...ain't no way a real Dem is going to vote for McCain.  I bet you would be surprised to find out that the supporters on both sides are actually very much alike...strongly supportive and defensive of their candidate.

    I am glad our candidates have come together on a shared vision and very glad to have us back on the same team.

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    This is from a diary there and there are many more sounding similar:

    Today Hillary made me cry.
    by cdholds [Subscribe]
    Sat Jun 07, 2008 at 10:49:56 AM PDT
    I am a diehard Obama supporter.  I have slammed Hillary on line and in private conversation.  But today she was the girl I could have loved, the person I would have worked my heart out for if only.

    cdholds's diary :: ::
    If only she had been as passionate, as courageous, as graceful throughout her campaign as she was today, I would have been torn.  Had she grasped the spirit of the times fully, grasped the end of the old politics and embraced the new, she would probably be the nominee right now.  If she had put aside her foolish advisers who told her she had it in the bag and stood for and with voters in every state, she could have won my heart.

    Its over now.  She lost.  My guy won.  But I have tears in my eyes for all the good that might have been.  She was a hero with feet of clay, but a hero nonetheless.  I'm not gonna slam her anymore.  For all her faults there is too much greatness in that woman.  Maybe her defeat will bring out the best of her, and we will see the true champion she always could have been, should have been, rise up in the senate.

    Godspeed Hillary, today you are my girl.

    http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/6/7/1 33418/5973/204/531705

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    and I think the majority of it will be gone..maybe sooner...today was a very important day for unity and I think you will see that reflected in Obama supporter attitudes going forward.

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    I would like to say that her speach was absolutely beautiful.  Being a white male this issue about being the first woman or AA to be President never really reasonated with me, other than acknowledging it to be a matter of fact...I understood today something that I did not before..she continued to fight even against great odds, not for herself, but for women and little girls all over the country...she was setting a precident to end all barriers for women going forward...I sensed that single issue was so very important for her and I believe she succeeded and makes everyone proud for her historic legecy that she set that will long outlive her.

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    I really hope you listened to Hillary's concession speach today...she did a wonderful job and framed to everyone what is at stake.

    I truly hope you will do what is best for the country and vote the Democratic nominee if for nothing else the policies and supreme court positions at stake.  We can't afford McCain and I hope after you search your soul, that your values and commitment to a better America will override your anger and disillusion you have with the party.

    Good luck to you and God bless


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