• Who has more control of Government policy..especially the last 20 years..the wealthy or middle class and poor. I know the answer is wealthy, therefore they have driven us into immense debt, exported our jobs, have done financially very nicely under Bush & Co while the rest of their peers have suffered horribly. Until we pay off our debt and quit increasing it...we must pay more and more tax...as the saying goes...money does not grow on trees.

    If you are ever so pissed that you have to pay a higher tax due to the fact you must live in surplus...please feel free to swap places with any person in another bracket...I am very sure they would be quite happy to swap with you and I am sure they would not be bitching about paying more, in fact we can get your taxes real low...how does 15% sound to you?  The only catch is that you have to work for minimum wage...are you game?

  • Even if it is not the cure being suggested, it will take this issue off the table of GOP talking points.

  • Obama was talking about Clinton's affiliation and loyalty to special interests...she is one of them...these kind of folks were not exclusive to just the Republicans, we had our own systemic problem and that is why you are seeing the DNC and Obama being supported by us...they understand if they can become the party of the people for the people..that is their key to having a party of relevance and success.  These shysters must be flushed out and ejected from our party.

  • She is the elitist multi millionaire, perhaps she does not appreciate a President smarter than she and unwilling to bend over for the wealthy like herself. Sorry Lady...this election is about us..you know the ones who have suffered extensively the last 8 years, the ones who have lost their homes, jobs, retirement savings and have watched our constitution trashed and our freedoms trampled upon.  

    You would not understand what I am talking about, it does not apply to you and frankly I think you are moving to the party that is most suitable to you.  Goodbye...don't let the door hit you where the sun does not shine.

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    a Forbes article that talks about our national debt and the real amount of 70 trillion.  This should scare the hell out of anyone who knows the basic rules of accounting or even running a home budget.

    http://www.forbes.com/business/forbes/20 08/0929/034.html

  • I was a youngster then and I did not pay attention to anything related to politics at that time...educate me please.

  • We have never in my memory had a recession during an election year...big reason is that the Government tries like hell to prop it up by any means possible..the real scare considering that they are failing to prop it up is..what will it look like after the election.

  • our wage imbalance? I doubt a weak dollar will help...only erode it further.

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    But we better find a way to make some of these truths stick lest we suffer another upset like the last two.  How do we win the majority of the Independents back...that is the question that must be answered and quickly.

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    But lets be vigilant and keep working our ass off...if it gets close it is bad for us. Never forget how funny things happen at the polls...like ballots don't register, hanging chads and no paper trail voting...we have already seen that the GOP lie through their teeth and continue that practice in their current campaign...we absolutely can't trust them...not one inch.

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    I have been saying it for the last four years. If something did not change soon our country was headed into essential bankruptcy, I predicted at best a very bad recession and more likely a depression and deflation and of course I was called a pessimist doom and gloom spreader. Unfortunately it looks like I am being vindicated, however, I really wish I was not...I really wish I was wrong. This is a very sad time in our country.

  • I believe it will be close in Ohio but it is doable. I also would not be surprised if Florida flips...I know that is stretching...but I can actually see a path for a blow out, especially if all the Republican scandals and lies come home to roost for the GOP...namely what is Sarah Palin.

  • Welcome to the site, we are a diverse group who have wide varying views as well. We respect each others views and we can agree to disagree...thank God we have the right to have an opinion.  

    Any how even though some of your views we may disagree with, we fully appreciate your right to have them and more importantly we appreciate were we can find common ground with you.  Please stick around and converse with us, we aren't as bad as some say:-)

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    Like invisible. We can't let them get away with this gimmick. This is unprecedented, either they make her available or we stay on the media to embarrass the hell out of them while we heckle them through our resources.

  • Kind of the way I feel except here in Alabama you have to pick sides therefore I am registered Democrat however I prefer to consider myself Independent.


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