• on a comment on Stolen Election 2008 over 6 years ago

    If you bothered to look at the legal objections as I did, you would understand why the legal objections, the rules were stacked like a deck of cards to Hillary's favor and would have disenfranchised many voters...she never wanted a fair re-vote, she wanted a revote on her terms and her terms alone...check those facts out and note Dan Abrams called her on it also...that is fact.

  • I think Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a HUGE liability for Obama, not only is he Baracks pastor of 20 years, he is also on his campaign. The question that lurks in me and gives me knots in my stomach is "how can someone sit under a preacher for 20 years and not share his principles and values"

    I do not believe you can and I do not see how he can seperate himself from Rev. Wright.  I think this will scare away many whites who will believe Barack harnesses in secret, white hatred like his pastor and will fear he has a secret black agenda.


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