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    I have heard the campaign is 25 million in the hole, she has loaned the campaign 11.4 million...therefore she needs substantial donations just to get back in the black...by the way, I encourage Clinton supporters to donate to help her get the debt paid, she fought hard for her supporters and it seems fair that they should help her out of this predicament.

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    I am so tired of the in fighting. I have watched us slash and burn each other and I am ready to see us United against McCain.  I believe we all have the basic goal of retaking our Country and restoring it to the promise our fore fathers envisioned.  I know at times while defending my candidate of choice against very staunch and aggressive Clinton supporters, I have allowed myself to spiral into negative back and forth attacks...I never wanted to have in fighting, but I guess when you have two strong contenders, their base becomes just as competitive...for my part...I apologize for any alienation I may have caused.  

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    Of you guys stating you have the darn right to change the rules.  Everyone knew the deal and agreed..the loser no longer likes them and is trying to trick the system....BS is BS no matter how you frame it...if you were being honest with even yourself, you would know that suggesting such crap is foul play and unethical.   How did you feel when the GOP screwed Gore...well we feel the same except it is coming by way of so called friendly fire.

  • Sounds perfectly fair to me!!!  I am glad you finally realized how politics are meant to work

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    Why would I sponsor or support her malicious attacks against the DNC and her fellow candidate...I believe in ethics, loyalty and honesty and I do not see that she shares those same values.

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    So you think she has been called that? otherwise...he probably told the truth..do you have a problem with the truth?

  • I am not humiliated, I was surprised that she did not win by a bigger margin, heck she grew up there and it is so to speak her favorable demographics.  Lets see her do it in NC and IN and then I will be impressed.

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    Her slash and burn campaign is catching up with her and our fellow Democrats are starting to awaken to what is going on and bailing ship.  Welcome to our side Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon we are very proud to have you with us.

    As always there is an open invitation to any Clinton supporters that would like to join us and reunite the party for our Democratic candidate.

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    Don't play poker with him either, he would change the wild cards after picking up his hand. So would his candidate of choice...LOL.

    Haven't we had enough of this redefining the game out of Bush over the last seven years...personally I am disgusted to see certain members of our party doing the EXACT same thing that we stated we deplored from the Bush Administration...makes me want to puke.

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    He suggested he would try to work out a deal with the Republican nominee but no guarantee's.  Besides he is getting public funding, just in a direct way..from me and many others like myself.

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    Spin all you want to...however...going by the DNC rules people like you tend to discount and ignore...and ALL the candidates agreed with.  Clinton is nowhere close to Obama in popular vote or delegate count.  Day dream, twist the facts, smoke some more hallucinogens all you want..facts are facts and the truth is the truth..your fantasies can't change them nor cover them up...only the ignorant or those with a motive would even buy into your BS.

  • I do not think Obama is out of touch, I think he completely understands where we stand today, completely disquested with our government and less than optimistic about our and our childrens futures.  Just another reason to end the Bush, Clinton, Bush, (Clinton / McBush) cycle.  

  • The Hillary clan hasn't faced how much damage her blatent lies have done to her..who can believe a word out of her mouth even on small issues never mind on keeping her campaign promises that seem to have evolved greatly since the start of this cycle...Now she is even talking about getting rid of special interests and lobbyist power, at first she was defending them as useful  $$$$$$$$.

    Not only has she shown to be a habitual liar, she is also shown to be a traitor, by talking McSame's creditals as being Presidential while silently suggesting that Obama does not possess these qualities...okay Benedict..thanks.

    The Wright situation will die down because Barack is not like what you would love to suggest.  All through his career he has worked in harmony with all races, as a Professor he also taught all manner of races.  Nobody who has had any associations or engagements with him has ever accussed him of showing any bias tendancies.  

    Let me be real clear...unless Obama has an extreme meltdown or Hillary finds a way to politically and underhandedly extort the super delegates to her side...She will not win the nomination.  The super delegates naturally are dispositioned to support the candidate with the more pledged delegates, whether you like it or not..that is fact and the way it should be.

    Vote for McSame if you want, but you are only hurting yourself...well me too if he wins. You will cut your nose off to spite your face and that is simply less than smart..okay maybe even unbelievably stupid beyond belief.  

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    The problem with a revote is that one you are rewarding the states that moved their election to have a big say in the process by giving them exactly what they wanted. That does not seem like a punishment nor will it detour other states from following suit, it was proposed to have a revote and strip them of their super dels and half their regular dels and the Clinton campaign refused, splitting the votes was another option and caucus was yet another option proposed...all rejected by the Clinton campaign...why?  Because it did not give her the edge she wants out of it.  The truth is she wants the revote now only to advantage her and if it does not, she is not interested at all in doing it.  All of this plus the fact Clinton insiders are trying to make the rules and are funding the cause makes all of this redo stuff extremely suspicious about the intent..it just smells of dirty tricks and bad intentions.

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    Thanks for the information, this has been a huge fiasco...I am afraid the DNC made a decision that was an overly harsh punishment in the first place and there is really no way to fairly fix it now...it is just a freaking disaster.  There is no win / win solutions.

    I do not blame Dean for this, nobody could have predicted that we would have such a close race, it just seems to be our luck or short sightedness to always have a situation.

    Again...thanks for telling us your observation on the ground.


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