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    I disapprove of your message and tone.  Totally uncalled for.  The Clinton's are on our side and not our enemies.  After the bitter primaries they worked extremely hard to unify the party and for Obama's Victory.  Do not belittle Obama supporters, their hard work, or their supporters by spewing out vitriol diaries like you just did, it is offensive, I am offended..Please delete this crap NOW!

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    Kudo's for reunification! and thanks for all you do to promote Dem tickets.

  • I get sick of hearing his rants, he is literally crapping his drawers because Obama is winning, he was trying to make a case today of why America can't question Obama's terrorist ties without race getting injected, I would like to turn the table, why isn't anyone connecting McCain the same way? Gordon Liddy, Iran Contra, Arizona Mafia, Lobbyist..etc.  Obama is much cleaner than McCain and to harp on a very weak link like Ayers while ignoring McCain's much stronger links, reeks of partisanship, media double standards, and racial double standards.  

    Mika is basically Joe's side kick, he backs her down during the few times she dares to challenge him...in my opinion they both suck and I have decided to start watching CNN in the morning and tuning back into MSNBC at night when we have so voices of reason at the anchor desk.

  • As a large community we can bring on crucial changes that better our country...the key is to work in a unified manner with clear vision of where we want to go.

  • I meant mother not murder

  • At the same token you could then go a step further and argue that ejaculation and birth control is murder...you can clearly look under a microscope and visualize sperm moving in semen.  If it moves it must have some form of life..true? Should that be murder?  This kind of thing is what makes this issue so controversial and why the decision of choice should always be with the murder at least until the fetus is viable and self sustainable without the mother.  Also one could take this to the other end of life and discuss a person on life support..perhaps they are brain dead but hey...their heart is beating, they have a pulse and they are breathing with help of a machine...technically they are alive...just like a fetus.  I am not trying to make lightly of the issue...I am just trying to point out that some area's of life the Government should just out of, religious organizations should respect the privacy and difference of views.

  • The rights position is based on their religious position, they have chosen to accept life begins at conception, some people choose life begins when the fetus is viable to live without the life support of the mother, some people choose at actual birth...the point is...everyone has a choice and it is between them, God and their conscience...the right wants to protect their right to choose life begins at conception but wants to denigh anyone who disagree's with them the right to choose different.  

    Make no mistake..this is a religious belief and it is absolutely an attempt to force their religion on everyone...not unlike the days of the christian crusade, these people are extremist and they do not recognize your right to have freedom of religion, privacy, or choice...if they won this issue they would find another one...they will not stop they must be put down like all terrorist...we must counter attack and create laws that seal our rights of choice and forever gets them out of the passenger seat of trying to drive our lives.

    We must create laws with teeth and enforce them to get the churchs once and for all out of politics...that is too much power for these  pastors and organizations to have and they are abusing it badly.  

    Finally I agree 100% with Obama...we can certainly work to reduce unwanted pregnancy and that should be a common sense goal the whole nation can get behind...just my two cents on this topic.

  • at this time unless the mothers life is in jeopardy or the fetus is diagnosed with a severe problem.  More than 90% happen within the first trimester.

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    Let's make damn sure we don't go for three!

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    That help mainstreet..bring in our programs that help the majority of people and have a favorable rating. The health care issue will be a huge success if done correctly, regulating Wall Street and give investors a say on the board, remove tax loopholes on the rich and businesses...they gorged themselves under Bush now they can pay their share to correct our country.  Remove the SS cap to eliminate the solvency issue. We have to quit being chickens and allowing the Republicans to manipulate us..lets play offense for a change.

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    to push oil prices up to $200 per barrel to ruin our economy.  I guess 150 per barrel and two wars with no bid contracts would work just as well.

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    He knows that Palin is ill prepared to debate Biden we should not yield a single inch on this.

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    Let's see, they lied us into Iraq, lied us into FISA, insisted Iraq set the withdrawal time frame for political expedience, let New Orleans drown, now our latest scandal, financial crisis at a optimum and delicate time...hmmm.  Me thinks we better look at this real carefully and see what Rove's true intentions are...this is definitely a trap that can bite if not handled with extreme care.

  • I am starting to think the same thing..we really have some serious systemic corruption in Government.

  • Personally I am not ticked off that I pay more taxes than the poor 28% verses 15%..but the people who make much more than me seem to be greedy as hell...they do not seem to have any notion of fair play and really they piss me off...they act like a bunch of spoiled brats...not all of them but a hell of a lot of them.


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