Gimmicky ratfucking piece of McShit

I got nothing else to say. If I was writing in a literal diary today, I would write, "John McCain is a gimmicky ratfucking piece of McShit, as evidenced by his suspending his campaign."

Fuck him. I'm so fucking McJaded today, and this is my diary, I can write what I want, feel free to not comment. My personal tirade is over.

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A sphincter says "bellwether"

Seriously... That's what I got out of last night.

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Edwards is so damn awesome!

Edwards is so awesome.
(insert block quote)
Really awesome
(insert other block quote)
Stupendously awesome
(insert block quote)
well spoken
(insert youtube clip)
going to kick everyone's ass
(insert three-month old poll)
has a great wife
(insert two-month old Elizabeth block-quote)
well funded but needs more money
(insert link to donation page)
(insert even more quotes)
(and more quotes)
(and more)
(and more)
(and more)
(until one forgets the point)
and MAN he's awesome!
and conclude with
--- and the same 18 people recommend the diary.

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Attack on Lieberman Campaign Website

The following (sporadically) appears on


STATEMENT FROM SEAN SMITH: "For the past 24 hours the Friends for Joe Lieberman's website and email has been totally disrupted and disabled, we believe that this is the result of a coordinated attack by our political opponents. The campaign has notified the US Attorney and the Connecticut Chief State's Attorney and the campaign will be filing a formal complaint reflecting our concerns. The campaign has also notified the State Attorney General Dick Blumenthal for his review."

"We call on Ned Lamont to make an unqualified statement denouncing this kind of dirty campaign trick and to demand whoever is responsible to cease and desist immediately. Any attempt to suppress voter participation and undermine the voting process on Election Day is deplorable and has no place in our democracy."

The Response from the Lamont campaign follows:

Apparently the Lieberman campaign is pushing a story that we have coordinated an attack against their website. Not a chance. Here's the unqualified statement Sean Smith has called for.

If Senator Lieberman's website was indeed hacked, we had absolutely no part in it, denounce the action, and urge whoever is responsible cease and desist immediately. It is our sincerest wish that everyone planning to vote for Ned Lamont or Joe Lieberman does so today.

Tim Tagaris
Internet Communications Director
Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate

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Bush unaware Castro might become ill

"The president's comment was that everybody was caught by surprise, and we'll have to wait and see" what U.S. action is necessary, said Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah, of his White House meeting with Bush on Tuesday. "I think all of us can say we had no idea this was coming." s.cuba.ap/index.html

How is it that the President of the United States had no idea that a potentially life-threatening illness was within the realm of possibility for an 80 year old man?

This is the Bush administration's next Katrina, if Castro dies.  "Nobody ever predicted the levees would break. That's why we didn't prepare for it." "Nobody had any idea this (death of Castro) was coming. That's why we didn't do one jack-shittin' thing about it." Jesus Christ these people... "giddy" according to CNN, yet they haven't prepared for this one whit, and are only now scrambling to pass ineffective legislation today, when we should have had a plan literally four DECADES in the making.

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Where's the Punditry?

I realize that the site "MyDD" has morphed considerably into an "action-oriented" community since I've been reading it.  But the first thing that EVER attracted me to a Blog (didn't know what a blog was) was when Jerome Armstrong performed armchair punditry ages ago... He had a GREAT database of all (or most?) congressional seats, with his predictions (safe, lean, tossup).  In fact, that was pretty much the sole focus of the site... until it became Dean-oriented (and he left it abandoned for some time). Could I make a formal request that would likely appeal to many old-schoolers like me... and potentially attract a new and different audience... Could someone bring back a bit of the insta-punditry here on MyDD? Bowers used to do a version of this when he brought the site back out of oblivion... I would love a recreation of Jerome's old-school database with varying shades of blues, red, and sprinkles of yellow... It's just very difficult to find a great source for Congressional punditry to get jazzed about. This crew could do just as good a job as anyone else getting paid to do it...

Or is this just a bad idea?
Maybe so... Having a predictions-sheet (wherein some Democratic candidates must be predicted to lose) maybe could undermine the 50-state-strategy... where the very people advocating to "run everywhere" are predicting that we will lose...

Maybe the site has moved on...
'tis a good thing, I suppose.

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"Homosexuality is wrong"... putting it to rest

This is Part II of "Homosexuality is Wrong"... An update for those readers who don't know what the hell I'm talking about.  SUPPOSEDLY, Joe Lieberman said, "Homosexuality is wrong." at some point in time, and many GLBT organizations (and Lieberman's primary opponent Ned Lamont on his website) make that claim, saying Lieberman made this quote to the New Haven Advocate.  This quote was SUPPOSEDLY told to Paul Bass, reporter at the Advocate (at the time)...

In response to Matt Stoller's "Doug Ireland" e-mail quote, in which Ireland says to ask Paul Bass if Lieberman ever said "homosexuality is wrong" in some obscure "particular clip" which he "unfortunately no longer has" (below)...
---------------------------------------- ----------

"I no longer have the particular clip that Paul Bass sent me with that "homosexuality is wrong" Lieberman quote in it, but I'm sure if you got hold of him through the Advocate newspaper chain in Connecdticut he could easily supply you with a copy of his inteview with Lieberman from which that quote comes.

Feel free to quote this note of mine if you think it useful.


Doug Ireland"
---------------------------------------- --------------------
So I asked Paul Bass (I took Ireland up on his request)... THE ORIGINAL SOURCE that SUPPOSEDLY heard the quote... (Did Stoller go to this original source? I doubt it.

---------------------------------------- --------------
I went back and looked... You're right; I didn't see that
quote in the Advocate. I agree with you that people shouldn't say it appeared when it didn't.

I actually like Joe Lieberman. He's a nice guy. Anyway, thanks for calling this to my attention. Best, Paul
---------------------------------------- --------------
So, "Homosexuality is wrong" -- Joe Lieberman to the New Haven Advocate, should NOT be used. Period.

Like Lieberman or hate him, one CANNOT attribute this quote to the New Haven Advocate.  PERIOD.  END OF STORY. It NEVER appeared in the New Haven Advocate. PERIOD.

Saying, "It's in a nonexistent clip I heard once that was told to a new haven advocate reporter who denies its existence" means that attributing

"Homosexuality is wrong" -- Joe Lieberman to the New Haven Advocate is nothing but SLOPPINESS and HERESAY.


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"homosexuality is wrong" Lieberman

From a staff writer at the New Haven Independent.  I asked her to tell me when (and if ever) the New Haven Advocate EVER published a quote from Lieberman in which he said "Homosexuality is wrong." The quote never happened, according to the staff writer, who looked it up in the archives. I can give Matt Stoller her contact information. Part of the communication is here: -----------------------------

I think I can answer your question. The Independent did not exist in the year 2000. I believe the article you
are looking for is this one from the New Haven Advocate in 2000: elieb.html

"[Lieberman] sided with Jesse Helms on removing federal money from public schools that counsel suicidal homosexual teens that it's OK (or "an acceptable lifestyle," in Lieberman's and Helms' disapproving parlance) to be gay." - Paul Bass

---------------------------------------- -------------

Note that the sentence "Homosexuality is wrong" never was ONCE published in the New Haven Advocate (now the New Haven Independent) by Paul Bass or anyone else.  Furthermore, the "burden of proof" lies upon those who claim this quote as true to PROVE that it didn't happen.  If Paul Bass can't say whether or not he quoted lieberman as saying this, or can't reproduce an article wherein he quoted Lieberman as saying this... and the staff at the New Haven Independent (was the Advocate) can't produce the quote... then the quote shouldn't be perpetuated... no matter how much we hate Lieberman...  And, it further shows how useless scorecards are, because the two scorecards that Matt refers to are using untrue quotes.

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Dammit Jerome... + Remembering Boatwright

I'm thirsty... 33613/449/3#3

---------------------------------------- ----------
Also, let's use this post to remember our favorite GaryBoatwright quotations... To narrow the field down considerably, the quote cannot have the word "sockpuppet" in it.  Long live Gary, may he find food, shelter, and a web connection... but mainly a web connection...

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Metonym Watch...

Metonym/Formalist/ilyayavitz/illinois062 006 has once again vanished, not posting for four days.  Which means (we all know) that Metonym Ph.D.-to-be (in two years) from the highly esteemed private University of Chicago where he "lectures"... I mean... "teaches"... I mean... is a grad-student t.a.... is likely lurking on these pages with yet another user name (this is the pattern of the last four user-name changes).  Which means... THE SEARCH IS ON!!!  

Let's make this a contest:
I shall personally purchase anyone over the age of 21 one fine can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and deliver it 3rd-class mail to your doorway  if YOU can correctly identify Metonym (Ph.D.-to-be)'s new alias.  I am also competing in this contest, and I reserve the right to win it.  Also... that other Illinois-whatever guy doesn't count... I think he may be a Metonym alter-ego.  

Your metonym/(Real Name)formalist/ilyayavitz/illinois06200 6(Name) nominations can be listed below, and I will be the sole judge as to who correctly identifies him.  Multiple submissions encouraged.\

What to look for in your Metonym search: verbosity, narcicism, any mention about "teaching" at the University of Chicago, multiple referrals to single diary entries on several unrelated threads.

Good luck, people!!!

update: as an extra bonus, all serious nominations get rated a "3". So let's get crackin!!! Go fishin for some grad students!

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