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    This post has made me come out of the woodwork after years of not posting... remember my password and say, "This is just sloppy, sloppy blogging".  Clearly Obama wasn't applying the term "anti-American" to Cheney. He was referring to the fact that torturing prisoners is a "great advertisement for Anti-American sentiment (around the world)". I don't see how this could possibly be misconstrued... much less made into a front-page post.

    back to being an "Anonymous Hero"... How I long for the olden days...

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    I meant facefuckers. Fuckfaces are all right by me.

  • He became homeless (probably because he commented on MyDD 80000 times a day and lost his job). Seriously. He attempted some library-homeless blog entries for a few days, but then clearly lost privileges.

  • Agreed... when all McCain's campaign has is not-well-thought-out gimmicks... (Palin?... this?) then he's nothing but a gimmicky ratfucking piece of shit that get's exposed for the gimmicky ratfucking piece of shit that he is.

    What a loser.

  • and I meant nothing political by this "diary entry"...

    diary: a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations

    merely an observation... McCain is a ratfucker. What's a boy to do? call it like it is.

  • I'm not in politics.

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    Jerome Armstrong still owes me a beer... and I still miss Gary Boatwright. and even Metonym.

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    on the obama website can I see this damned thing live?

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    When a fish dies, does it really rot from the head down? I figured it would just rot all over at about an equal rate. Is there some enzymatic death-process specific to fish such that upon death, the head rots faster than the remainder of the body? And what type of fish are we talking about? Cartilaginous? Bony? Because certainly cartilaginous fishes, such as sharks and rays, rot faster below the head. (Shark teeth, for instance, stick around for literally [not figuratively, literally] eons). So you must be talking about bony fishes. But still, that doesn't make sense to me. The skull's pretty full of ossified bone... hard for any bacteria to really break down that stuff... But maybe you're just talking about the "non-bone" parts of a bony fish. But then this reasoning becomes somewhat circular...  because, again, I really don't see how a fish head would rot faster than a fish tail.

    Please explain. I'm rating this an "excellent" (or whatever the new ratings levels are... haven't rated anything in months) so we can all join in this discussion. I urge others to "pile on" positive ratings. This post is awesome. I think we can really learn something new about Biology if "RedDan" is correct in his analogy.

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    Could you ban Gary Boatwright? I realize he's homeless, and hasn't posted in like two years... but it would just feel cathartic.

    I'm sorry... living in the long-ago past.

    Mojo to the first person to correctly define: "Anonymous Hero"

  • "to recognize the continuing vital role of the oil and gas industry"... but it IS o.k. for MyDD to accept the continuing [funding] from the oil and gas industry giant "Chevron" in the form of their green-washing revolving ads?

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    I agree 100%. Fucking lame.

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    Is that price fifty dollars bucks?

    Or are we talking (NBA-style) fifty poundings beatings?

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    reads as...

    "fifty dollars bucks."

    I'm just sayin'...

    Now and forever your grammarian heckler.

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    let her set that up.


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