And now there's Michigan voter mess ups!

via Voice of Mordor (selfish plug!):

Battleground Michigan: Missed voter registration...or did you?!

Never to be second to any other state, Michigan's Secretary of State was forced to issue a hasty alert to citizens of Battle Creek and Ann Arbor.

Seems the local branch offices there sent out a flier that told voters they had missed the registration deadline...a week early.

Now untold numbers of voters in these heavily Democratic areas will think they are unable to vote.

From the Lansing State Journal:

Spokeswoman Kelly Chesney said the flier should have been released after Oct. 4, the voter registration deadline. But two branches in Ann Arbor and Battle Creek accidentally distributed the fliers after receiving them Aug. 15.

"This flier is either intended to suppress voter turnout or is a serious mistake," said Sen. Mark Schauer, D-Battle Creek. "Whatever the reason, Secretary Land must step forward to help those who may have been confused by it."

Land, a Republican, denied allegations of intentional disenfranchisement.

"Their assertions are absolutely ludicrous," she said. "In the attempt to get at me, they've cast a shadow over our very hardworking ... employees in the branch offices, and that's just sad."

(Nazgul-note: Yeah, I can't understand why anyone would think that Republicans would be engaged in any underhanded tactics!)

The flier's wording says: "Registering today? Please be advised that you are not eligible to vote in the November 2, 2004 general election." It mentions the Oct. 4 deadline, which means some people may have figured out they were eligible to vote, Chesney said.

Trust them, I am sure it was not intentional!


Why are you looking at me that way?!

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you're kidding me!
i just don't know what to say when i read things like this.  

you know there are at least some people who won't register now.  this stinks.

by annatopia 2004-09-28 08:10PM | 0 recs


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