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    With fewer posts and diaries these days, I'm sure it'd be fine to cross-post a bit, whether onto the front page or the diaries section.

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    I hate soccer, though I don't begrudge those who do enjoy it, and my dislike has nothing to do with politics. Socialist? Please. It's not socialist. It is, however, slow and boring, and no wonder - the field's too big. I didn't realize how huge the field is until I tried watching some World Cup games (couldn't ever stand if for more than a few minutes), but wow. Also, I had a bad experience on my first grade soccer team with our coach, a former Greek national player. I played the next year, though, so that doesn't have too much to do with it. It's just boring to me. That is a ludicrious article, though. Even if the thumbs argument were true, there's no logical jump from there to socialism. Are American football punts, field goals, and extra points socialist? Geez.

    In his defense, however, I would say that it doesn't matter if hooliganism is real or not. It's the perception that matters. Even if it isn't real, Americans see the media and think it's real, and form their opinions based on what are apparently bad facts.

    BTW, MOST youth sports give everyone a trophy, even American football. I've got so many from soccer and baseball, and I was a RIGHT FIELDER, which in grade school is no honor. So that's a ridiculous argument.

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    This is probably in Charlotte's favor: http://www.grist.org/article/2010-06-25-charlotte-does-light-rail-right

  • You should drive traffic to the NRDC blog by writing "cross-posted from (link)" at the bottom of these posts.

    Anyway, it's no surprise. The health care bill also resembled the Repub alternative to Bill Clinton's bill. They're not about doing what's right for the country anymore, but about scoring cheap political points. Hopefully getting the word about the origin out to voters, though, will create pressure such that the points even the GOP needs are on the side of truth and action.

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    Now unlike religion, that is just plain stupid, and from a reputable pollster. Dang.

  • This comment is the closest we've come to agreement here. The thing is, while Obama may have Reagan's oratorical skills, he doesn't have his charm but he does have talk radio, cable news, and right-wing blogs, all forms of fast-track opposition Reagan didn't have to contend with.

  • Obama found the votes when we still had 60 Democratic Senators. Now we have 58. Remember, the Senate didn't vote post-conference except for the small reconciliation package of "fixes," a tactic that can't apply to all situations. Also, the timing was different. We could spend months and months on health care. Well, we've already spent months on Wall Street reform - years, even - and now we've got a month left to get real work done, and I for one think it's more important to pass a decent finregs bill and a decent climate bill than to pass a good finregs bill and no climate bill. The climate faces a tipping point and we can't afford to delay; we have GOT to get to that item on the agenda.

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    Yup. Come November and December, when it's time to write the rules for the new Congress, I hope the Netroots turn the focus to filibuster reform. I'll certainly be plugging away at it.

    The extenders/unemployment bill was in many ways the Main Street bailout Republicans have been howling for. Hypocritical.

  • Nice to see someone else here writing about Kagan.

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    Not to mention the credit card and tobacco reforms, or the Lily Ledbetter Pay Act.

    Anyway, I hope you're right and that Obama doesn't pull another Wall Street reform on a climate bill, with the Admin pushing to strengthen the bill on everything but what mattered most: too big to fail, where Geithner seems to have wanted a weaker bill. So far I'm encouraged by Obama on this subject - money in the stimulus, OFA e-mails - but not by all the authors of the bill. I wish for once the White House would submit its own legislation to Congress. This would be a good place to start.

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    And yeah - traffic has been cut in half since the upgrade. That's partly the interface driving diarists/commenters away I'm sure, but to be fair, traffic is down at all blogs. It's just that time of the cycle.

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    Well hey, even I believe in UFOs - I've seen flying things that I couldn't identify. But they weren't from outer space. :P

    But seriously, if there's any comfor here it's that the Obama-Muslim poll was from Harris, which gets everything wrong. You will never see me cite anything from Harris in a paper, post/diary, or even comment.

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    I've never understood this mentality. The Bible itself says "you know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man comes." This just says smething about the mindset of those people - their detachment from rationality, their self-centeredness, their narrow-minded certainity about most things.

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    The Republicans are a regional party now, and the South is a region that's used to that weather. ;)

  • "because it kills the chance we have right now."

    There's the fundamental disagreement - you still think we DO have the chance right now to end TBTF. I don't, and it seems DTOZone doesn't. There's not enough time to re-write the bill, and Evan Bayh, Ben Nelson, and the GOP don't care what the President pressues people to do - not that he seems to want a tougher bill anyway (dissapointingly so.)


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