If Colombia Can Fire Penn...

I have supported Hillary Clinton for president for months, and I will support her until the last dog dies. However, I would be a lot happier if she would fire Mark Penn.  According to TPM, the country of Clombia has fired him, after he admitted it was a mistake of judgment to meet with Colombian officials about a treaty Senator Clinton opposes.  According Eric Kleefield,

"Apparently the Colombians did not take kindly to Penn calling the meeting "an error in judgment." From their statement: "The Colombian government considers this a lack of respect to Colombians, and finds this response unacceptable.""

It really is time for HRC to cut this guy loose, too. His lack of judgment has been brutal throughout the campaign.  She has gotten as far as she has despite his pathetically bad strategy.  Every time he has talked to reporters, he has said something stupid.  When he went on tv and said, "no one is talking about cocaine use", he outraged people across the country.  


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Dan Abrams Rips Off The Curtain

Dan Abrams went after the MSM and Washington pundits tonight for ignoring Hillary Clinton's win in Florida. He also pointed out that the polls for the biggest states coming up on Tuesday show Hillary leading by healthy leads.  He pointed out that the media is obsessed with its dislike of Hillary Clinton.

He posted an interesting chartL: more people voted in Florida than in Iowa, NH, Nevada and SC combined, yet the media continues to focus on Obama. The media can't get enough of the Obama story, and is promoting Obama. In short, Obama is the media darling, and Obama is getting a free pass from the press.      

Unbelievable - someone ripping off the curtain of the press bias against Hillary Clinton.

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NH Senate Race

The third poll in two weeks shows former NH Governor Jeanne Shaheen crushing incumbent Republican John Sununu in the 2008 US Senate race by double digits.  The CNN/WMUR poll, conducted by the UNH Survey Center, shows Sununu beating each of the three announced candidates, BUT, even against the least known Democrat, he can't break 45%. Shaheen has yet to announce whether she will run, but has a lot of momentum building.

This race is far from over; in 2002, the Republicans committed crimes to get Sununu elected.  He has very close ties to the oil and gas industries, and the Club for Growth has basically adopted him.  However, he is in deep trouble, due to his support for Bush.

For more, see http://www.wmur.com.  

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