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    Lynich is not a DINO. There are some NH Demcorats who don't like him because he opposes a state income tax. Unfortunately, they make tax policy a litmus test for what it means to be a Democrat. Fortunately, there are only a couple of thousand of them in the state, which is why John Lynch gets re-elected with 70% of the vote, including about 98% of the Democrats.

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    We here in the Granite State thinks he is just fine.

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    Governor Lynch is very close to former Republican Governor Walter Peterson. Although a delegate to the '08 GOP convention, Peterson co-chaired ynch's campaign, and his wife endorsed Barack Obama. Plus he is pro-choice, and probably wouldn't run in '010. If that happened, Obama would have a really, really moderate Republican as his filibuster proof vote, Lynch would look bipartisan for picking a Republican,
    Gregg can say, hey, I was succeeded by a Republican, and the D's have an open primary in '010.


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    She could have a good debate Thursday night. She will come out swinging against Biden, with a couple of "oh, gee in Alaska we know what it is like to make ends meet by shooting moose" comments and the next thing you know the press will be calling her down to earth and in touch with every day Americans.  

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    I read the whole article, and Clinton did not "support" the cancellation of the debate. Your diary is very msileading.

    It is not a bad thing for Bill Clinton to talk about McCain in a reasonable, not hostile manner; it makes his support of Obama even more persuasive to swing voters. They don't think either Obama or McCain are  evil, and overheated rhetoric from prominent Obama supporters attacking McCain won't help win those independent voters over. Go back and read the article objectively without your Clinton hater hat on.  

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    What a bunch of chumps.

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    Why does everyone either feel the need to apologize or entitled to an apology? This primary was nothing compared to other primaries I've seen. People need to toughen up, stop whining - or else the Republicans will chew us up and spit us out.

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    Obama and Hillary are very similar on the issues.  McCain is so far removed from the principles that drive the Democratic Party that there is no rational explanation for a die hard Clinton supporter to say they prefer McCain to Obama. Grow up.  

  • You should resign from your post if you can't support the nominee.  

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    I support Hillary Clinton, and I am pretty shocked that you can't commit to support the Democratic nominee.  Iraq?  Voting rights?  Health care?  I'm not happy that Hillary Clinton may not be the nominee, but I will be a lot more unhappy if McCain is elected. We don't need a third Bush term.  Life isn't always fair, so get over it.  Listen to Hillary Clinton, who has said she will work as hard as she can for the ticket if she is not the nominee.

  • This is a ridiculous accusation made up by paranoid whackos.

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    We are on the verge of nominating someone who can't win.  Obama is getting crushed in these southern states - like Kentucky - that he was supposed to put into play, and at risk in states that Democrats should win.

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    Even worse, ABC was too cheap to show it in HD - I'm not watching.

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    I am going to watch Law and Order reruns on cable.  Without some of the other candidates, like Edwards and Biden, the debates have gotten very boring. I almost wish that Kucinich would pop in for a question or two.

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    The reaction to this Obama comment is over the top - just as the reaction to HRC's Bosnia story was over the top. However, the two cases are similar in that each played to the candidate's weakness - in HRC's case, her alleged lack of truthfulness, and in Obama's case, alleged elitism and anti-white racism. Since the media wants to destroy them both for some sick reason, the media is happy to open up with both barrels, getting the already incited supporters even more riled up.

    I wish both our candidates would stop shooting themselves in the feet, stop giving the press fodder. HRC and Obama are both supposed to be smarter than this.  They need to get on message and stay there. So, in my book, yeah, the press sucks, but our candidates are not helping themselves.  


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