9 Things The Rich Don't Want You To Know About Taxes

Hat tip to The Left Coaster for this economic analysis that Oly Mike credits to Critter's Crap.

Economics 101 by Oly Mike.

Critter's Crap breaks down economics for us. It's really quite clear.

Over a long period of time, the numbers show that the economy grows at a rate of 2.1%. We can and should have a discussion about steady state economics in light of resource depletion, but for the purpose of evaluating economic activity, income and wealth growth and distribution, Critter's work is on the money (so to speak).

Here's Critter's Crap:


What 30 Years of Reaganomics Has Done For You

Then along came Reagan.  He essentially said, taxes are too high.  It is stifling the economy and stealing money away from those who create jobs and wealth.  We need to cut taxes and shrink government.  Get it out of peoples' way.

Well, we already know what happened to the economy when he did that.  It kept plodding along with about a 2.1% annual growth.  At least he didn't hurt it, but he didn't help it much either.  Over the next 28 years, 1980 to 2008, the GDP roughly doubled again...but what happened to incomes?  Well, let's take a look.  The next figure adds the time period 1980 to 2008 to the figure above.

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Get In The Game!

If Obama and The Dems want to learn the game they might want to spend A Weekend At Bernie's: (from Huff Po)

Sen. Sanders isn't a Democrat (he's an Independent socialist who caucuses with them), but he has a lot to teach progressives inside and out the party about how to stand up for what's right: Detach from party leaders, hang tough, and be prepared to walk away if you can't negotiate something reasonable. He's fighting for better policies -- and ones that the public strongly supports. (Our American Majorityproject has more details.)

Let's hope they're paying attention across the country -- and at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue

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Frameshop: Five Toxic Right Wing Lies

  The biggest complaint progressives have against the Obama administration may be the total failure to counter right wing frames that dominate the media and the culture of America's political landscape. For what it's worth, here are five radical right wing lies or "frames" put together by Andrew Kimbrell from Tikkun  and posted at Alternet.  The author suggests Obama must aggressively counter these lies  in order to move America forward:

1.  Reactionary Narrative:Government is the problem. It is bad, even evil, and should be eliminated or privatized as much as possible.

     Progressive Narrative: Government is good and a major part of the solution to our economic and social problems — large, robust local, state and federal government services are critical to our individual and national well-being.

2. Reactionary Narrative: Quality health care is a commodity available to those who can afford it.

     Progressive Narrative: Quality health care is a basic human right.

3. Reactionary Narrative: Free market competition is the basis for our economic life — the benefits of the winners will trickle down to the losers.

    Progressive Narrative: The free market is a dangerous fiction (as is trickle-down economics) — not everything is a market commodity and even then those commodity markets have always been regulated. The question is how and for whom to regulate markets so as to create the most equitable distribution of wealth.

4. Reactionary Narrative: You counter terrorism by fighting land wars and overthrowing dictators (especially when oil is involved).

    Progressive Narrative: The Best Way to Fight Terrorism is through Cooperative International Police Action and Foreign Policy Changes – Not Land Wars.  

5. Reactionary Narrative:  Global warming and other environmental problems are either vastly exaggerated or don’t really exist — and if they do exist, the solution is market and technology based.

     Progressive Narrative: It’s the ecology stupid — global warming is the greatest threat to the survival of civilization. The solution to global warming and other major environmental crises is governments at all levels cooperating to change our economic and technological systems to better comport with the principles of ecology. 


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Obama Wins 2012 Election!

  Nanobot suggested it was all over last month when wingnuts went berserk over Obama's long form birth certificate: 

Obama's Stealth Political Operative 

John Stewart examined the weak GOP field last week. (I couldn't find the link, but John briefly skipped to Indecision 2016 in one segment)

  The much maligned and ridiculed Cenk Uygur has narrowed the GOP field down to Huckabee and Romney.

 In nanobot's enlightened opinion this hat tip to Balloon Juice puts the final nail in the GOP's zombie candidate coffin.  (after the jump)    


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GWOT - Now what?

  Anywhere from a substantial minority to a small majority of Americans are sympathetic to Matt's suggestion, Declare Victory In The “War On Terror.

  Similar or greater numbers of Americans are hopefully also sympathetic to this suggestion from a James Fallows article that Matt quotes:

This is heartening news in its own right, and even more so if it might mark the beginning of the end of a period in which America felt that it had to change its essential nature and values in order to be safe. We're never going to be completely safe, but perhaps this will be the occasion for talking again about the long-term balance between our values as a free people and our ability to defend ourselves.

It would also be nice if the tooth fairy started leaving $100 bills under our pillow instead of nickles and dimes.  Is there even a remote possibility of rescuing our national dialogue from the Fox News/Koch Bros./Tea Party/Neo-Con alliance from hell?

(I'm going to give it the ol' college try after the jump)

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The Chronicles of Barak


Birth certificates? We don't need no stinkin' birth certificates.

We've got the Chronicles of Barack. And though I've had to read them to you in the past, it appears I'll have to do it again. So gather round my friends — you, too, Donald Trump — and let's fill our Hopium pipes and talk of how Obama truly came to be.  .  .  .

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Obama Wan Kenobi

The Force Is Strong! Why did the president trick so many Republicans into believing lies about him for so many years?

Obama beat me up and made me talk smack about him!  

Karl Rove, who knows that "birtherism" is an easy way to marginalize the GOP as crazy, has been hammering this point for some time. Birtherism, in Rove's telling, is a "trap," set by the White House.




Obama's Stealth Political Operative

Could it be .  .  .  The Donald? (Forbes magazine hates The Donald?)

Can the Republican Party ever recover from this much insanity?

TPM , Salon, Media Matters , Oliver Willis , etc., etc., etc.,  .  .  .

I think Obama just locked in Four More Years!




Obama: Politically Astute or Big Wienie??

There are three things that Democratic political candidates tend to do when talking with constituents: they display an impressive grasp of the minutiae of their constituents’ problems, particularly money problems; they rouse indignation by explaining how those problems are caused by powerful groups getting rich on the backs of ordinary people; and they present well-worked-out policy proposals that, if passed, would solve the problems and put the powerful groups in their place. Obama seldom does any of these things.  .  .  .

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Obama Is The Anti-christ

Hey! Don't blame nanobot. I'm just reporting:

Group Behind King James Bible Congressional Resolution Thinks Obama Might Be Antichrist


Alabama Republican Robert Aderholt and West Virginia Democrat Nick Rahall have introduced a Congressional Resolution, . . . 

Perhaps, though, the Democratic Party would have some issues with one of its House members taking up the suggestion of a group that has promoted Obama-might-be-the-Antichrist conspiracy theories. In the 2010 video, Levesque noted that "God has given us a purposeful ambiguity around" the Antichrist, yet proceeded to offer what he apparently believes is evidence that Obama might be it -- or at least anti-Christian, or Antichrist-ish. Levesque claimed Obama "twist[s] the word of God" and "the Antichrist Quotient goes up above and beyond for someone who would so blatantly attack the word of God." He added, "This man offends me, this man offends my God."




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