Breitbart Hypocrisy On Rep. Weiner

  Newscorpse has the full run-down on Breitbart:

Just when you thought that Andrew Breitbart could not become any sleazier, he is now accusing Anthony Weiner and his wife of releasing the news of her pregnancy as a PR stunt. That’s a stretch even for a scumbag like Breitbart. As usual, he has no evidence, not even an anonymous source. It is a wholly invented canard whose only purpose can be to smear the Weiner family and bring them more pain, and consequently bring more pain to his real target, the Democratic Party.

  Newscorpse also reminds us about Breitbart's Legacy of Sleaze.  My favorite is:

(7) Democrats Plotted to Blame Tea Party for Slaughter:Breitbart’s site featured an article that made the sensationalist claim that Democrats devised a plan to blame the Tea Party for the tragic shooting in Tucson, AZ. The allegation consisted of a single, unidentified source who merely offered his own opinion that the massacre could be pinned on Tea Partiers. There was no allegation of a conspiracy or even of any discussions of such a plan by anyone connected to the Democratic Party. But that didn’t stop Breitbart from posting the story with an irresponsibly provocative headline.




New Rule! No Comments Allowed

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  In addition, Diarists are only permitted one comment per diary that they post. There are no exceptions! Any complaints should be addressed to The Complaint Department.



Paul Revere's Final Ride

 No silly. Not the one where he warned the British that the Americans were coming. The one where he warned Americans that the American Brownshirts were coming:

The interview concluded with Olbermann quipping: "I'll see you at Gitmo."

This is where we are, folks. America is dead. The grand experiment is over, for the moment. It's going to take a Democratic Congress and a Democratic president to rescind this law.

So, hunker down and vote and wait.

Oh, look! There's our neighbor, Paul Revere. He's riding through the neighborhood.

What's that he's shouting?

"The brown shirts are coming! The brown shirts are coming!"

Silly Paul. The brown shirts are already here.

Read more about October 17, 2006, The Reverse of July 4th, 1776 on the other side of the metaphysical jump.

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Seeing America Sans Palin

  This is the America that Sarah Palin, the M$M and the Democratic Party all ignore. From Seeing America: Living In A Tent Should Be By Choice

Once or twice a week, Erica  and hundreds of others are forced to pack up everything they own and move their homes. They don't do this because they want to - they do it because there are local laws that the police enforce. This is what happens when you are homeless and have no choice but to live in a tent.

Additional tent city links from Seeing America:

Virginia Beach:

Minns said he knows of at least eight encampments in the city, six of them in Seatack. Some of their residents are veterans who have skills that help them survive in the woods, he said.

"It is surely not fair to Vietnam vets to be living under these conditions," he said.

But in a letter last month, Friedman told Minns there is no short-term solution. Closing an encampment takes a lot of city resources and, as in Strand's case, residents might simply move elsewhere, which creates a new problem.

We're not even close to the end of our tent city tour. Are we having fun yet?

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GOP Proposes Replacing Social Security With Groupons

   Hat tip to The Sunday Funnies at Economic Populist. 


WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – Presenting what he called a revolutionary plan to slash the nation’s mountain of debt, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) today proposed eliminating the Social Security program in its entirety and replacing it with Groupons.

“Instead of waiting each month for a check from Social Security, America’s elderly will receive valuable Groupons for everything they need, from Ramen noodles to cat food to caskets,” Mr. Ryan said in an appearance on Fox News.

  Tellin' it like it is. Read more . . .



The Progressive Netroots Suck

  Don't blame nanobot. I'm only the messenger. Check here: Matt Ygelsias

That said, the evidence from political science does appear to suggest that if Republican intransigence destroys the American economy, that the voters will respond to this by punishing the incumbent President and electing a Republican.

Matt is not alone.

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VA Health Care For Everyone

  Hat tip to Think Progress.  Not a novel idea for those of us who believe in universal health care. What is surprising is the source:

Why don't we expand the VA health system?, May 29, 2011

The Register recently editorialized that it doesn’t make sense to operate a multi-billion VA health care system that runs parallel to the nation’s vast private health care system of hospitals and clinics. It serves only one segment of the population. A better option would be providing veterans health insurance, similar to Medicare for seniors. Then they would be allowed to go to any hospital or clinic, rather than having to travel long distances for care. The thousands of health care workers currently employed by the government could work in the private sector and treat more Americans.

This is a remarkable idea for Iowa's only state wide newspaper. The letters to the editors on this topic promise to be amusing.



Welfare and Work Ethic Reciprocity

  This is a follow-up to my Apollo Initiative diary.  This diary is also a cobbled together synopsis from The Realignment Project.  The primary source for this diary was The Psychology of Public Policy

Welfare And Work Ethic Reciprocity:

One dilemma has been the clash between our desire to provide protection against the great social ills of poverty, disease, lack of education, poor housing, and unemployment and society’s resistance to violations of the social norm of reciprocity. The easiest attack on welfare has always been to assert that other people are getting something for nothing and thus divide society between the payer and payee.
It is not foreordained that all forms of social welfare have to meet the same fate. It is possible to be both right and smart – and learn to tack into the wind of public opinion.
Looking at the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) model gives us one possible solution for how to do just that.


(The above is not a direct quote, but contains multiple direct plagarizations and I believe presents a reasonably accurate interpretation)

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Revisiting The Apollo Initiative

  This is a synopsis of the Housebuilding portion of The Apollo Initiative, cobbled together from The Realignment Project. The portion of The Apollo Initiative this diary focuses on is referred to as The Vulcan Initiative:

The Problem:
If there is any one area of American life that best expresses the adage “poverty in the midst of prosperity,” it must be housing. Homelessness has increased even as thousands upon thousands of homes now stand empty. Vast swathes of speculative suburban developments along the highways and hills of California have turned into ghost towns. In Washington D.C, the number of homeless families has increased by 15%, with similar figures being reported in New York City and other metropolitan centers. In 2006, even when the sub-prime boom was spreading home-ownership wide and far and actually beginning to make headway against the unequal distribution of housing in America, 8.8 million households were paying more than half their income in rent.
Even when the market was flush major systemic problems, the lack of affordable housing, workforce housing near where people work, the need to in-fill versus sprawl, racial and class discrimination, were not being addressed.

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How Michele Bachmann Beats Obama In 2012

  Yeah, you heard me right.  It is entirely possible that Obama could lose the 2012 election regardless of who wins the Republican nomination. Don't blame nanobot, blame America's dysfuntional electoral college and GOP control over redistricting. has the downlow: Two Reasons Obama Loses:

In North Carolina, for example, the Republican-controlled state legislature looks to create new districts benefiting its party and are planning to try to redraw the districts that would shift power to Republicans statewide by increasing GOP voting strength in non-black regions. The reality is that November’s elections put Republicans in control of dozens of state legislatures and governorships, just as states prepare to redraw their congressional and legislative district maps. Republicans now control the governor’s offices and both legislative chambers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, Maine and Wisconsin. They are governors in Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia and Iowa.

Does anyone want to calculate how Obama wins if Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida all go GOP? I haven't seen any Red State/Blue State maps recently, but it strikes me as entirely possible that the combination of redistricting and voter suppression efforts the GOP is engaging in could add up to a GOP win.


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