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    Here, and here and here.  Wow! That Markos is one sly son-of-a-bitch.

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     Thanks for stopping by. I struggled with how to attribute and describe my diary. In the follow up diary, Welfare and Work Ethic Reciprocity I came up with this description:

    (The above is not a direct quote, but contains multiple direct plagarizations and I believe presents a reasonably accurate interpretation)

      I wasn't entirely clear if The Vulcan Initiative was part of The Apollo Initiative or an enhancement on your part. Thank-you for clarifying.

      I recally that Kerry briefly brought up The Apollo Initiative in the 2000 election and it then fell off the radar.  The Obama administration is at least doing some gum flapping about addressing homelessness. It would be nice to kickstart a conversation about substantive solutions to real problems.  Thank-you for your contribution and continued effort.  



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      The political clash between welfare and reciprocity is the political/social meme referred to as The Moral Hazard politicians face for supporting governmental assistance to low-income "undeserving" Americans. Also from Dean Baker The Right to Rent Trumps Moral Hazard

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       Widespread disagreement exists in Scientific and Scholarly circles. The general consensus is that the demise of MyDD is tangentially related to the end of all the world as we know it. The most dominant theories are:

      1. Out of control nanobots - Bill Joy, co-founder and former chief scientist of Sun Microsystems, has warned that of out-of-control nanobots could consume everything on earth.

      2. Numerous climatologists sound the alarm about the possibility of runaway global warming. They all stand on the shoulders of giants: British economist Thomas Malthus predicted in the 19th century that the rise in population would lead to widespread famine and catastrophe.

      3. With all due respect to T. S. Eliot, maybe the world really does end with a bang, not a whimper. Whether of our own creation (nuclear holocaust)

      4.  The ever popular Four Horsemen of the Apolcalypse cover the distinct possibilities of war, famine, pestilance and plague.  The minority view  postulates that social and political upheaval were a necessary precursor to the end of western civilization as we knew it.

      5. Another minority view buttressed by the frequent front page diaries of The Young Turks posits a Muslim conquest and overthrow of MyDD by the Muslim terrorist formerly know as Cat Stevens

      Of course these are all just theories based on scarce archeological artifacts. Anthropologists are attempting to determine if donky kong is a bitter ender from the MyDD cataclysm or a mutant survivor. No conclusions are yet available.


  • You might want to review the chart at Critter's crap: 

    Your concern for America's "wealthy producers" is both touching and misplaced. Two things are very clear: (1.) The top 1% are making out like bandits and (2.) The bottom 90% are getting screwed. 

       You make the claim that:  If you ever reach a point that the voting majority isn't paying taxes your civilization dies.

      That is a very odd conclusion as a result of a logical fallicy known as a slippery slope. We can worry about the end of western civilization as we know it when the time actually arrives.  Everybody pays taxes. Sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, utility taxes, etc., etc.  You can't balance the federal budget on the backs of poor Americans making under $25k per year for the same reason you can't squeeze blood out of turnips. 

       I have no idea what a "worthless money break" is or how poor people print them. Are you talking about counterfeiting? In any event, your concern for the end of civilization as we know it is touching. Is the end of western civilization as we know it the inevitable consequence of not doing things your way? 

      Your point about how Social Security "taxes" or "contributions" are defined is non-sensical and irrelevant. Are you the grand arbiter of who understands reality? Oh, wait a minute. It's just a cheap shot to throw at someone who disagrees with you when you run out of stupid things to say. I get it.

       3.  . . . We should move our taxes for both the rich and the poor towards the rates that occurred during the start of those periods.  I don't personally know where the sweet spot is but it shouldn't be that hard for someone to figure out.

      Your "sweet taxation spot" is easy. We should return to the tax rates we had during the 90's, before the Bush tax cuts:

      We do not have a spending problem, we have a corporate tax avoidance problem and a failure to raise taxes enough to finance America's industrial war complex. We don't have a spending problem, we have a disfunctional political system that awards massive amounts of welfare to corporations who make huge campaign contributions. 

      You really have to let me know where you got the shit you were smoking when you came up with this one:

    A bus driver making $80,000 in NYC isn't more valuable than a bus driver making $10,000 in China.  They are both bus drivers.  That $70,000 would be better spent on education for an engineer to make a self driving bus that will permanently remove the position of bus driver and instead re-route that money to automated bus driver engineer who would actually make $80,000 if his job were moved to China.

      Your high opinion of yourself and engineers is very amusing, but nobody is going to drive a bus in NYC for $10,000, unless their real goal is to steal the bus. Are you nuts? What does the price of tea in China or the salary of a bus driver in China have to do with anything? Why does a self driving bus need an automated bus driver engineer to operate it? Are you thinking about someone sitting in a futuristic game-boy chair and operating a bus?

      I don't know what kind of engineer you are or what type of end product you job is associated with, but I certainly hope and pray that you are not allowed to make any executive decisions. Your judgment is seriously flawed. Since you seem convinced that your knowledge of economics and taxation are superior to David Cay Johnston, who among other things has written five books, I look forward to reading all of the books you write after you invent a self-writing book program that is published by an automated book writing engineer. 

      Maybe you should stick to engineering and leave economic analysis to those of us who understand that 2+2=4.




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    To fully understand how the American National Character was formerly understood by the Conservative Movement visit Ten Conservative Principles at the Kirkwood Institute.

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    To fully understand how the American National Character was formerly understood by the Conservative Movement visit Ten Conservative Principles at the Kirkwood Institute.

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    Check out nanobot's diary, Get In The Game

    If Obama and The Dems want to learn the game they might want to spend A Weekend At Bernie's: (from Huff Po)

    Sen. Sanders isn't a Democrat (he's an Independent socialist who caucuses with them), but he has a lot to teach progressives inside and out the party about how to stand up for what's right: Detach from party leaders, hang tough, and be prepared to walk away if you can't negotiate something reasonable. He's fighting for better policies -- and ones that the public strongly supports. (Our American Majorityproject has more details.)

    Let's hope they're paying attention across the country -- and at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue

    There's more...

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    Hat tip to TPM

    Democrats Scale Back 2012 Map
    Roll Call reports: "Democrats evaluating the 2012 map are confident President Barack Obama can win enough battleground states to earn a second term, but via a far less aggressive path than what he forged in 2008. Party strategists, Obama aides and top Democrats see multiple routes for the president to reach the 270 Electoral College votes that he needs on Nov. 6, 2012. But some Democrats splash cold water on the big talk of outreach in all 50 states, saying it is obvious the president will focus on traditional swing territory."

    Here's an interesting tidbit from Roll Call:      

    Democrats insist there will be offices with volunteers and paid staff in all 50 states before the general election gets going. “This is the first time a candidate will go live with a field program that will have been active for four years,” the official said, referring to the work the DNC’s Organizing for America has done since Obama took office. “We’re in good shape in these swing states.”

    But Dean, who built the 50-state strategy for the Democrats’ blockbuster 2006 cycle, scoffed at claims that Obama’s team will be able to blanket the nation.

    “They are not pursuing a 50-state strategy in the way we did. They are giving them $5,000 a month or $7,500. We had a $60,000 budget per state for tech training and three staffers,” Dean said. “It still exists, but it’s scaled back.”

    A Democratic official said the 50-state strategy “played a critical role in building the party” and noted that the DNC continued Dean’s vision but has been using different methods.



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    I don't think the GOP really cares who wins their primary. Check out their fabulous list of GOP Hopefuls and VOTE!

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    Quite logically from a blog called Applesauce.  (has nothing to do with the diary, but quite amusing)

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    Sorry about that. Here's the actual article link:

    Financial And Economic Analysis

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      This is an incredibly naive expectation. Does anyone really think that the American Security Operations Complex is going to open their books and records to an international organization? American victims of the American Security Operations Complex can't even get a foot in the door. 

      Hey! I've got an idea! Get the CIA to release their annual budget numbers for the last ten years and then we can talk. No details or justifications. Just a simple total budget figure for each of the last ten years.

      Are you kidding me? Were you just born yesterday? Did you just get off the bus?  

      Say howdy to Don Quixote for me.



  • During a recent password audit, it was found that a blonde was using the following password:


    When asked why such a big password, she said that it had to be at least 8 characters long.

    The punch line:

    The moral of the story is . . ... being concerned about public opinion can  bring you much grief and misery . . even shorten your  life.
    So be yourself and enjoy life.

    The CatholicHillbillyism joke - The Pastor's Ass

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    The People v. Goldman Sachs




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