Hey Huckabee, I think I've been ripped off, dude!

So says Tom Scholz (the guy on the far right).  

Who is he?  Scholz is the founder and MIT grad turned lead guitarist for 70's rock giants Boston.  Turns out that Mike Huckabee's band, Capital Offense (inspired by the death penalty apparently), does a cover of their biggest hit, 1976's "More Than A Feeling", as part of their set.  Scholz ain't digging it, and in a recent letter, objects to its use to promote a presidential candidate.  This is despite the fact that former Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau has played said hit along with Huckabee's band at campaign appearances.  

It's also worthy to note that Goudreau and Scholz had some professional clashes and Goudreau was eventually fired from Boston amidst Scholz's legal battles with their record label.  Now they're on opposite sides of the political fence, with Goudreau supporting Huckabee and Scholz in favor of Barack Obama.  A key quote from Scholz's letter is below:

"Boston has never endorsed a political candidate, and with all due respect, would not start by endorsing a candidate who is the polar opposite of most everything Boston stands for," wrote Scholz, adding that he is supporting Democratic Sen. Barack Obama. "By using my song, and my band's name Boston, you have taken something of mine and used it to promote ideas to which I am opposed. In other words, I think I've been ripped off, dude!"

Now granted, I think it's pretty cool to have a presidential campaign rally where the candidate jams with his band before taking the podium.  Huck definitely ain't no Bob Roberts, but I'd rather attend his publicity ops than McCain with the cast of Cocoon standing behind him.  However, I'm perplexed by the song choice and how it ties in to Huck's message.  Perhaps I'm reading too much into it and think it might be a tie-in to Goudreau's presence.  Then again, considering his demise from Boston long ago, how can that really be a solid claim?  Wouldn't that be like Pete Best showing up to play "With A Little Help From My Friends" at a McCain function?

Scholz's balk at the song's use gets this response from Fred Bramante, who was chairman of Huckabee's New Hampshire campaign:

"Governor Huckabee plays 'Sweet Home Alabama.' Does that mean Lynyrd Skynyrd is endorsing him?  He plays 'Louie Louie.' Does that mean The Kingsmen are endorsing him? To me, it's ridiculous," he said. "Never once has he said, 'The band Boston endorses me.'

Yeah.  Well get ready for some "Louie Louie" encores after the next primary wraps up.  It bites when half the crowd is ready to ditch the gig early.  

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Re: Hey Huckabee

I was thinking more like "Jesus he's my friend" as a replacement song for Huckabee

by AnnC 2008-02-15 01:19PM | 0 recs


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