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    Cool - just checked and they seem alive again - I seem to remember the last time I looked their web site hasn't been touched in years.

    Here's their blog:  http://liberal.posterous.com/

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    My problem with the Greens is that they never seem to want to win an election -

    Here's hoping that this has changed!

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    This is an interesting idea -

    What if the folks that run MyDD go to some of the founders of the Tea Parties that are still concerned with Corporate ownership of the US Governement and invite them to post - would that start the process of forming bridges?

    I'm not so sure that this is possible but it would be interesting to find out -

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    Again, thanks for this -

    I'm prompted to recount a recent experience with a hard core tea bagger I've known for years.  After talking/arguing for a while we both were forced to admit that we agreeded on many issues.  My concern however is that he was more interested in the the things that we differ on that the things we agreeed on.  In that I mean to say he was more concerned with social and imigration issues than reigning in the Big Banks and Wall Street.  He totally agreeded with me that both parties were "owned" by Wall Street and the Big Banks but didn't seem interested in working that issue.  He certainly would not agree with creating more regulations to reign them in -

    I bring this all up to suggests that we cannot count on help from the Tea Party folks "en masse" because most are just repackaged social conservatives that are still focused on "guns, god & gays".  While the issues of Cororate Control of the Gov may be near and dear to the hearts of the founders of the Tea Party sadly that isn't the case any longer. Today it seems that the Tea Party folks are either uninterested or unaware of what can be done to yank ownership of the GOV back from Corporate Interests and now their focus is social interests and a blind hatred of GOV and desire to cut the budget execpt for the areas that they care about.  So now the Banks and Wall Street are now off the hook.

    In short we can't expect much help from the Tea Baggers - they are just another part of the Republican Party.

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    I've been away from MyDD for a while now because it seemed to drink Obama's koolaide a bit too often so this post is nice to see.

    Now the question is - what to do next?  Certainly its way past time to stop work or donations to the Democratic Party but a game plan is needed.

    Congrats to Jerome for seeing the light - my hope right now is that others will follow.

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    I worked for and gave a bit of money to the Obama Campaign and right now I know that was a mistake.  As a President he is simply a failure.  He won't fight for anything and is totally uninterested in leading the country anywhere.  Certainly the Senate is a disaster but Obama should have known this from the begining and at least have tried to beat them into shape.

    The problem with Obama is that he doesn't even try - frankly I don't think he even cares.  Hopefully he won't run for re-election and we can try and find someone who will fight for Democratic ideals.  If he runs he will loose and we will be left with a nut case Republican for 4 years.

    What I fear most right now is what Obama will do to destroy things like Social Security and Medicare.  He is so concerned with giving into Republicans I think he will do more damage to those programs than they would ever do.

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    The problem is that creating a narrative and getting out and selling it requires effort and leadership.  Both are things the Obama White House simply aren't into.

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    Ellsworth has a long history of homophobia in the House.  He consistently votes against anything that has the word gay near it - his voting record is actually much worse than many Republicans.  He is uncomfortable with a Women's right to choose and opposed the public option in health care reform.

    He's just another DINO - if he gets the nomination I hope he looses.

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    Something smells here - it will be interesting to see how long it takes to come out.

    Re: Bayh (D Aetna) - wonder how long it will take for his wife's board position on this of that megasurance company to disappear?  He's off to a cushy lobbyist position selling out the people for fun and profit -

    No great loss - at least now we have a chance to put a real Dem in his seat. Know that chance is small but at least its a chance.  Now wouldn't it be nice to see Blanche Lincoln (D WalMart) split too -


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    This is bill that Obama & Company always wanted anyway so now they are stuck - Reid & Rahm must have sat down and asked the question - how to trick the House to vote for this piece of shit?  Since the serfs are restless in the lesser arm of Government what are they to do?  They have lied to them so many times before - how to trick them one more time?  Oh - they know they promised to pass a separate bill to fix things.  They are stupid enough to believe that aren't they?

    We will see -

  • We really haven't a clue what will be in the bill if the beasts actually happens so you shouldn't get too far ahead of yourself.  The Senate bill is worse than the House bill and it continues to go down hill.  There is no reason to assume that it will get better in conference and every reason to believe that it will get worse.  You can expect more loopholes to be added as things go forward and more of the costs shifted to the insured and away from the Insurance Companies that own large parts of the Senate and House.

    It sad to see that Senator Harkin has turned into public face for this piece of trash but sold us out he has.

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    Lets get real - we have no idea what is in this bill/mess! I just read that the life time cap is gone - what else has been "disappeared"?  We should have every reason to believe that other goodies listed in this post will suffer the same fate.  

    My guess is that by this time next week most of enthusiasm for this beast will have disappeared. The Insurance Industry and Big Pharma along with the Democratic and Republican Senators they own haven't finished hacking on it yet.

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    You said: "I know people on this site and Americablog love to blame Obama for everything but I don't believe he is calling the shots and setting the agenda."

    Are you serious?  Baucus is doing exactly what Obama wants.  The Baucus bill is the Obama bill.  Obama is just as owned by the Insurance Companies as Baucus.  We need to blame Obama for this because he is responsible.

    Take off your rose colored glasses - Obama isn't who he said he was.

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    Its a bone Obama is tossing us to cover up his cowardice and lies.  The trigger will never happen and everybody knows it - just more lies from the coward Obama.

  • Please - Obama's DOJ will defend it like they did the last time by saying they have to protect society from the evil gays.  We, the lesbigay community, won't see any support or help from the Obama administration.  Its time to accept that he was and is a mistake.


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