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    The regular Democrats are rallying around Dodd.  The Groton DTC voted for a resolution of support for Dodd last night (despite the fact that Merrick Alpert is a member).  I understand that such a resolution has been submitted to the State Central Committee too.  If Dodd will come back to CT and campaign hard, I think he'll be OK.

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    Chris Dodd!

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    This makes me very nervous.  Is it possible that the Republicans have a different strategy for raising money--that they've decided to go with unregulated groups (soft money) instead of the traditional party committees? And that we can't really see what they are doing?

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    I seem to remember reading that the Republicans have been very skillful in encouraging and facilitating college Republicans & young Republicans and helping them up the ladder to political prominence.  We Democrats have to get better at this.  Some of the Democratic groups with money need to fund more internships, blogs, entry level jobs for young Democrats.  Otherwise, for many of the reasons above, good people will drop out of the system.  We need to think about ways to encourage young people to be active Dems, and this means paying them a living wage to do so.  

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    I hope that the Democrats are ready with a PR strategy to put into place the minute Bush vetoes...it's important that the American people see that it is Bush who is endangering the troops, not Congress.  Public sentiment will be crucial in terms of what Congress decides to do next--get tougher with Bush or cave in.

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    Just wanted to let you know how tremendously appreciated you are by this reader.  You are so knowledgable and generous with your time and ideas--you are making a huge difference! Thank you for all the time you put in.  I know you'll get tired of blogging at some point...I selfishly hope you'll hang on as long as possible.

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    A well-deserved honor---Congratulations!--and keep up the great work.

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    Just want to add my support for My Left Nutmeg.  They are a great blog, and a real addition to the Connecticut political scene.  

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    Two things I didn't see discussed much in this thread.  First, one way to encourage/keep volunteers is to say THANK YOU.  Every campaign should be thinking of some way to thank their volunteers.  Inviting them to a good victory party is one way, or perhaps some token gift too (it's the thought that counts!).

    Second, in my district we had good success with absentee ballot work.  We printed out a list of Dems over 80, and between 18 and 22 (even better if you can use a list of IDed voters).  We called each one and asked if they needed an absentee ballot application, then mailed it to them. This is a job that will be done well before election day.  Our Dems did much better in absentee ballot voting than in the past.  This works!

  • How about Ned Lamont to run against Chris Shays?

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    I know this is the last possible solution, but how about someone moving into the district to run?  One year in my district (CT-02) the Republicans had a guy move in to the district to challenge the Dem Congressman.  He didn't win, but at least he ran a campaign, got his points out, made the Dem work for it.

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    Is there any reason to put someone in a job that you know they won't do? To me, the big challenge for DTCs is finding people who are willing to show up for meetings and to work.  My town committee is quite open to new people, but often people get on and do then nothing.

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    we don't have precinct captains in my area of CT (Groton).  All we have is a town chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary.  We've talked about having someone in charge of voting districts (probably our equivalent of precincts), but we don't have enough responsible people to fill the slots.  

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    Let's get all the races won first.  In my district (CT-02) the Republican has not conceded and we're going to have a recount.  I hope that the the netroots and the national dems will suport us local Dems through this. Will the Republicans send thugs to Connecticut like they did to Florida? Let's all put some resources into cementing our "victory" as a first priority.

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    mention of "Use it or Lose It" in both the Hartford Courant(a paragraph)and the New York Times today.


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