Anti Incumbent Fever? No and Here is Why...

I am sick and tired of all the commentaries on how this is an anti icumbent election year. Well Blanche Lincoln proved its not. HELLO LETS THINK ABOUT THIS...

MAYBE JUST MAYBE Arlen Spector just wasn't the right person for the job...remember "I switched parties to save my job." And as for the senator out west who couldn't even get past his own party....well so sorry for you.

So we have one senator in Arkansas who wins, one in Pennsylvania who just loses to a better candidate and a true Democrat, and one out west who doesn't even face the voters to get voted out.

What the hell is all the fervor about? MAYBE JUST MAYBE people are just voting for the better candidate.

Thank you Blance Lincoln for being a better candidate and for proving the arguement wrong and JUST PLAIN STUPID.


UPDATED: Talking Change or Making Change


One year in, and what have we seen. Not much really. The President has sat back, watched Congress take control of his agenda and well, with no real change. Boy he can deliver a speech, but that is it. Can you get angry for once? Can you show some emotion about anything Congress is debating?

We passed a stimulus bill, but no real change. It just saved us from disaster and that is debatable.

Health Care sucked all of the oxygen out of the room and even now, looks like it is dead, no real change.

So what is the difference between talking change or making change?

It is taking a stand, it is taking charge, and it is stop talking and lead your party! President Obama has not done this. MAKE CHANGE MR. PRESIDENT.

Can anyone else actually document any fundamental real change that he has done? Let me know really....

Finally the perfect storm is coming Ladies and Gentleman...mark my words. Here is just a hint of the arrogance coming from the White House.

The retiring Rep.Marion Berry, D-AR, who doesn't say when the remarks were made, now scoffs at Obama's 50-or-below approval rating:

Writes ADG reporter Jane Fullerton:

Berry recounted meetings with White House officials, reminiscent of some during the Clinton days, where he and others urged them not to force Blue Dogs “off into that swamp” of supporting bills that would be unpopular with voters back home.

“I’ve been doing that with this White House, and they just don’t seem to give it any credibility at all,” Berry said. “They just kept telling us how good it was going to be. The president himself, when that was brought up in one group, said, ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’ We’re going to see how much difference that makes now.” [snip]

"You've got me" says the President of the United States...

Let me end with this video which speaks the truth and what could have been: 


Is It Me John Edwards?

Is it me John Edwards or are you are damn idiot!

All the news stations are quietly reporting on your confession on how you are the father of this beautiful baby girl. But I am going to say it....what's on every Democrats mind....YOU ARE A DAMN IDIOT!

You inspired me in 2004 with your speech on poverty the night of the Iowa Caucus.

I voted for you in the Ohio Primary in 2004. And you are a DAMN IDIOT.

You stood on those stages during the debates in 2008, pointed to your parents, your hard working parents, and stated how much they inspired you. You did this while you wanted to lie about a paternity test. While you were sleeping with another woman, while your wife deals with breast cancer. YOU ARE A DAMN IDIOT.

You blasted Hillary about double speak on the topic of illegal immigrants while you were sleeping with another woman? SERIOUS? Double Speak Yourself you Ass. YOU ARE A DAMN IDIOT!

No one is saying this. Not Chris Matthews, not Rachel Maddow, not CNN....hell not even the Republicans and/or conservative news shows. I WILL SAY IT....YOU ARE A DAMN IDIOT.

Back room negiotians on the V.P. slot or Att. General slot while you were sleeping with another woman...oh and by the way...YOUR CURRENT WIFE HAS BREAST CANCER. 


Finally, looking at you during the debates, going after Hillary, knowing what she has lived through, because remember, you were sleeping with another woman at the time, and you still attacked and attacked and attacked. Well she is Secretary of State and you are ......well..... A DAMN IDIOT!!!

Your thoughts?


UPDATED: Hillary Doesn't Look So Bad Now...


Where are these coattails? Virginia gone to the (R), New Jersey gone to the (R) and now Mass. Senate picked up by another (R).

Can't blame Bush tonight can we?

Let's go back two years to help remind the readers:

NYTIMES January 25, 2008  “The sense of possibility, of a generational shift, rouses Mr. Obama’s audiences and not just through rhetorical flourishes. He shows voters that he understands how much they hunger for a break with the Bush years, for leadership and vision and true bipartisanship. We hunger for that, too. But we need more specifics to go with his amorphous promise of a new governing majority, a clearer sense of how he would govern.”

How he would govern...I have no idea...he is not standing up for anything....He is just letting Congress run his agenda.

Gitmo is still open, Health Care is going to fail, and what about Don't Ask Don't Tell....They didn't teach this on the campaign trail now did they Mr. President.

What would have Hillary would have done? We don't know...we wanted a nice speaker for President.

Oh and by the way...remember that promise to have open discussions on Health Care and deal making? All behind closed doors. Someone realized you can't make deals in front of the cameras. Hillary knew that.

Can't forget this now:

Chris Matthews, Night of the Potomac Primaries:

 “I have to tell you, you know, it's part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama's speech. My, I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don't have that too often. No, seriously. It's a dramatic event. He speaks about America in a way that has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with the feeling we have about our country. And that is an objective assessment.”


At least Hillary would know how to work the system.

Let me end with this....Just proves how good she is.

Clinton named Al-Qaeda Yemen as terror group a month ago 


Here's one thing that didn't make the recent official or press chronologies of the Obama Administration's actions towards Al Qaeda in Yemen: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton formally designated the group as a terrorist organization back on December 14.

That's 11 days before the attempt to bring down a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day--an act believed to have been organized by Al Qaeda's Yemeni affiliate, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). However, no one seems to have made Clinton's action public until last Friday, January 15, when the paperwork (see here and here) was submitted for publication in Tuesday morning's Federal Register." Josh Gerstein,

Ah what if, what if. But we will never know. Obama is no Bill Clinton. Obama is no Leader...Obama is only a good Speaker.



Updated: And she just keeps rolling Ladies and Gentlemen. She keeps her on on the diplomatic ball and our current Speaker in Chief can't decide which agenda he wants this week:

Read on:

U.S. will not back down on Iran nuclear issue: Clinton By: Reuters | 21 Jan 2010 | 01:28 PM ET Text Size

WASHINGTON - Major powers are united in working toward pressuring Iran over its nuclear program, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday, despite many signals that China is reluctant to impose more sanctions.

Senior diplomats from Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States met in New York on Saturday to discuss the possibility of placing more international sanctions on Iran.

The West suspects that Iran's nuclear program is a cover for developing atomic weapons. Iran has said the program is designed to generate electricity so that it can export more of its valuable oil and gas.

"We are unified in our resolve to work toward pressure on Iran in the face of their continuing rejection of the overtures by the international community," Clinton said at a news conference, calling Saturday's meeting a "productive step."

Earlier this month China argued in public that now was not the right time to place further sanctions on Iran and it sent only a low level official to attend Saturday's meeting while the other powers sent senior foreign ministry officials.

"Let me be clear: we will not be waited out and we will not back down," Clinton said. "Iran has a very clear choice between continued isolation and living up to its international obligations."


Hillary and Barack Cause Spector Switch

Why did Spector switch parties? I am sitting and observing all of the news networks and I believe they are failing to acknowledge what just transpired as one of the best primary season this country just experienced.

The back and forth struggle between Senators Clinton and Obama for six months brought many many many people into the Democratic Party. Their passion, their skill, their cause, focused everyone's attention to politics and this attention peaked during the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary.

After her much needed win in Texas, Rhode Island, and Ohio, Clinton took her message of the middle class to Pennsylvania. She campaigned hard and met Obama every step of the way when it was time to debate the issues. Candidate preference aside, what exactly did Hillary and Barack do for the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania? See the stats below supplied by the Secretary of States office of Pennsylvania:

1.1 million more registered democrats in 2008 than republicans after the primary fight

475,000 more registered democrats in 2004 than republicans after Kerry secured his nomination

More independents, more of those Reagan Democrats, those moderate Republicans, registered Democratic because of our candidates messages. Now, some of you are going to argue that the state has been trending Democratic since 2000, but what this primary did was allow Pennsylvanians and every American, stand up and not cower when we critized President Bush and his policies. Truthfully, could we have done that 2004? No not really, but the first debate with Kerry started that, but that is another posting.

Anyways, what is even more amazing about these numbers, the new registrants are staying with the Democratic Party up until today! And what has happened?

The tough primary battle royale of our Democratic candidates is still being felt, especially by Arlan Spector.

So when the political analysts give their reasons as to why the Senator switched, here is my reason. The two biggest figures of the Democratic Party changed the polical landscape so much of the Keystone State, its Republican Senator has to adapt.

My predication, Senator Spector won't even make through a primary challenge. There will be a Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania in 2010, and it won't be Spector.

We can thank the glorious primary battle President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton.

This is where we are today: Politics can be dividing, but it can be solidifying.

There's more...

The Clinton and Netanyahu Relationship

A brief history for those who are interested:

According to The Washington Institute of Near East Policy in 1998:

"Ever since Benjamin Netanyahu's narrow May, 1996, election as prime minister, relations between Washington and Jerusalem have soured. Whereas Bill Clinton and the late Yitzhak Rabin had an unusually warm friendship, ties between Clinton and Netanyahu started out cool and went downhill from there."

"Some reasons are simple, such as the fact that each supported the other's political opponent, with Clinton campaigning for Labor's Shimon Peres and Netanyahu building close ties with congressional Republicans. They also disagree on policy, with Clinton keen to press on with the Oslo Accords as Rabin's legacy while Netanyahu believes that Oslo spells danger for the Jewish state. And given their remarkable similarity in personal strengths and weaknesses, the clashes might even be traced to that law of physics: "likes repel."

As it has been pointed out today, a reporter had to ask for Netanyahu and Hillary Clinton to shake hands, being this her first trip as Secretary of State. I found this odd in the fact it is well known that the Clintons and Netanyahu have strained relations stemming from their first encounters of the late 1990's.

The true test will now be how Hillary Clinton will manage Netanyahu and restarting talks with Israel and Hamas. The points of the negotiations will be that of stopping Israeals attacks into the Gaza strip and bringing Hamas to the table. The tensions are still there, but it is Hillary now and not Bill.

How will talks transpire now that a Clinton is in charge of foreign policy in a post-Bush world?

The history should be known because it may protend on how Netanyahu will treat the Secretary of State, but then again, who will be in charge of the new Israeli government?

Your thoughts?

There's more...

She Proves Herself: Matthews Praises Hillary Clinton [UPDATE X2]

I was at the gym today running on the treadmill watching Hardball. I do admit my loyalty to the show because of the political coverage, analysis, and theories. I still throw up in my mouth sometimes on some comments but overall, I still remain loyal to the show.

Anyways, I was running at my usual pace of 6.6 miles per hour when Matthews presented his weekly Hardball Award. This week's winner was no other Hillary Clinton. The first woman ever awarded. I starting thinking to myself "Oh gawd, now what did she do that he sees as wrong or intent to undermine Obama's Presidency."

But when he started talking, and I am not joking here, I laughed out loud so loudly, I counted four people who turned around to look. I literally choked on my water because I could not believe what he was saying. Yes Chris Matthews, on Hardball, saying this about Hillary Clinton. I stopped running, scratched may head, and just began to laugh. I even walked over to my cell phone and called a close friend who follows the show. She was simply amazed.(In her defense, she told me early on to get over the Hillary loss in the Primary and support Obama...which eventually I did because of her...Thanks Ms. Davis).

Please just watch below:

I can't believe this:

There's more...

I Hope Hillary Is Laughing Inside [UPDATED]

I hope Hillary is laughing inside. Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton were the ones who were supposed to face trouble in the Senate for confirmation. Holder and Clinton were supposed to face tough hearings in the committees. But....what has happened?

Richardson....gone, Daschle.....gone, Nancy Killefer....gone. Geithner almost faultered on his own tax issues, like Daschle and Killefer.

What happened? There was a public vetting of Clinton and Holder but not of the other three.

Richardson can go suck an egg...he deserve what he gets.
Dachle did not like Clintons and said it publicly...karma comes quick doesn't Senator?
Killefer sounds like she got caught up in the Obama elite club.
Geithner barely made it after a thin public vetting before his hearing.

Eric Holder is now in charge, the news is not focused on him...

Hillary should be laughing inside, her credibilty just keeps growing.

Go get 'em Mrs. Clinton.

"I talked in my confirmation hearings about smart power. Well, smart power relies on smart people, and we have an abundance of them in this building and at USAID. But I’ve also told my teammates in the State family that we’re going to have to be smarter about how we do what we must for our country. There are many ways that we can improve on what we do on a daily basis. And I want to work with my friends in Congress on behalf of our Administration to really look for those efficiencies and those changes that will make what we do more effective, more cost-effective, so that we can be out there around the world delivering America’s message, certainly doing all we must to protect and defend our security, but also advancing our interests and furthering our values." Hillary Clinton 2-2-09

That is leadership we can believe in too.

There's more...

Richardson: Then and Now

Per his words: "It was tough to make the call, but I did. It got a little heated. It got a little tense. But it was understood, and I'm proud of my decision."

Richardson said this, but when. It was during his call to Hillary letting her know that he is backing Obama. Now, after accepting a demotion as Commerce Secretary, he is withdrawing.

Per the President Elect: "I can tell you that there are very few people in American public life that have the breadth and depth of experience that Bill Richardson has," In what? In dealing with corruption and trading monies for favors?

This what Richardson had to say..."There's something special about this guy," Mr. Richardson said of Mr. Obama. "I've been trying to figure it out, but it's very good." Well keep figuring, because now you have absolutely no part in any administration and your term as Governor is about to expire.

Maybe you should call Hillary or Bill and see if they can get you a job?

Good Luck and Good Riddance.

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NO MADDOW for Meet the Press

I had to rub my eyes and take a shot of whiskey when I actually saw the heading "Maddow for Meet the Press". Everyone has to remember the growling she did during the primaries, how disrespectful she was to the other commentators on the stage, and the condesending attitude. If her nose was any higher, it would have been cut off by the studio ceiling fans.

To even suggest that a partisian go on a show that is known for their equal time for all sides mentality, would just basically doom the show. Send the dragon back to the cave.

Whomever floated this idea obviously has a crush on this monster. She is horrible and I cannot even believe that she even got her own show.

I WANT EVERYONE TO REVIEW THE RATINGS OF MSNBC AND THEIR INTERNET WEBSITE. Ever since she appeared, it has dropped so much, that even the pigs in the duldroms of ratings won't even mention it.

Horrible Idea, Horrible Host, and Horrible Thought.

Your Thoughts?

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