Anti Incumbent Fever? No and Here is Why...

I am sick and tired of all the commentaries on how this is an anti icumbent election year. Well Blanche Lincoln proved its not. HELLO LETS THINK ABOUT THIS...

MAYBE JUST MAYBE Arlen Spector just wasn't the right person for the job...remember "I switched parties to save my job." And as for the senator out west who couldn't even get past his own party....well so sorry for you.

So we have one senator in Arkansas who wins, one in Pennsylvania who just loses to a better candidate and a true Democrat, and one out west who doesn't even face the voters to get voted out.

What the hell is all the fervor about? MAYBE JUST MAYBE people are just voting for the better candidate.

Thank you Blance Lincoln for being a better candidate and for proving the arguement wrong and JUST PLAIN STUPID.


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