• The same holds true for the presidential election. If you take away the 11 states of the old confederacy, Bush loses to Kerry in both the popular and electoral college vote.
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    that you believe that I posted comments under multiple names. That is simply not the case. I am only one person and I post under only one name.

    I am somewhat surprised that my single comment to you about Congressman Tim Ryan has resulted in such a harsh reaction. Perhaps my original comment to you was rude, perhaps not, but for you to take my one sentence response and build a conspiracy theory out of it which also suggests that two other users of this blog are not real people seems an over-reaction.

    Given the fact that you have posted 1260 comments to various diaries on this blog, I suspect that you understand that blogs are notorious for both personal and pungent comments. Because this is the case, I am not offended by your comments about myself. That is certainly your right and since I took a shot at you, perhaps it is no more than I deserve. To suggest, however, that I or any other user of this site is acting improperly when you have absolutely no proof to back up your claims is uncalled for.

  • That may or may not be, but it is a phrase I picked up from my Mom and I use it because I like it. On this as on Congressman Ryan's statement we apparently disagree.
  • I only have one ID on this blog and that is the one that I am using. I do not know who these other people are but they are not me. They all seem, however, to be interested in Ohio politics, as I am and you obviously are.
  • That's okay. I took a shot and you returned a shot, which is certainly your right and if I can't take what I dish out, then I am wuss. What provoked my comment was that people sometimes forget that for a guy like Ryan to risk a sure thing doing a job he enjoys to run for the Senate is a big step. Anyone who hasn't run for office has no idea what it is like. Running statewide in Ohio against DeWine won't be easy. Republicans in this state are well organized and we are not. I do believe, however, that DeWine can be beat.
  • yellow dog dem is a texas expression as in "I would vote for a yellow dog if it ran as a Democrat." Of course that was before Texas turned GOP.
  • In Rawanda it wasn't the security forces who killed civilans, it was organized groups of other civilans who weren't stopped by the security forces. If they had been shot when they tried to drag people out of their homes, there might not have been a massacre.
  • And you have risked your own job by doing what?
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    When I saw the movie Hotel Rawanda, my whole take on owning guns shifted. There is absolutely no doubt that the massacre in Rawanda was aided by the fact that one group had machetes and the other group didn't have weapons. I don't know about you, but if the right wing gets any stronger in America, I want a gun for my own protection and for the protection of my family.
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    That was exactly what I meant. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    At the risk of sounding like a pollyanna, the Democratic Party is not doing that bad in presidential races. Here is why I say that:

    Although the right captured the GOP in 1964 through Goldwater, it wasn't until it nominated Reagan that conservatives had one of their own as a candidate. In 1980 Dems got around 40% of the vote and they did as bad in 1984 when Reagan got 58% of the vote. That was the high-water mark because since then the GOP has only got over 50% one time and that was in 2000. Meanwhile Dems have gone from 40% to 49% of popular vote in 1996 in a three way race; 50% of the popular vote in 2000; and 48% of the popular vote in 2004.

    Thus in the 1980s our base was around 40% of the electorate but in the 1990s through 2004 our base is around 48% of the vote. Take away the 13 states of the old confederacy and Kerry would have won the popular vote; the electoral college; and the Senate would not have seen a gain of 4 GOP seats.

    My point is not that we shouldn't be concerned but that the situation isn't as dire as we think. We have been in worse situations and came back to win the presidency and we will do so again.

    The problem with the Senate and the House is the states of the Old Confederacy. Those states gave Bush both his popular vote and electoral college wins and are the reason the Senate and the House are held by the GOP. Even there, though, there are states that we can win: Arkansas, Florida, and surprisngly Virginia, which almost went for Kerry in 2004.

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    Politicians and their supporters follow endorsements, but there is no indictation that the average voter actually cares who a newspaper endorses. Don't worry about it. Just put it behind and keep working if you are a Paul Hackett supporter.
  • You can say whatever you want, and you can insult me all you want, that is what freedom of speech is all about. The unfortunate thing is that you can dish it out, but you can't take it.
  • Don't read him. That's all you have to do. Just don't read him. But, there is nothing wrong with an elected official posting on a blog, and there is nothing wrong with not reading a politician who posts on a blog.
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    What I want from a party chair is what Dean is doing, rasing money, trying to make the grassroots structure better, or in some cases, organizing a grassroots structure, and relating to the state parties. If this means that sometimes he is pilloried in the media for saying controversial things, it is a small price to pay.


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