Washington Dems Want to Win.......

One theory going around the blogs is that D.C. Dems in the House and Senate are too timid in confronting the GOP. I understand this point of view and agree with it, but here is my question. Assuming that they want to win, and assuming that they are not sufficiently confrontal with the GOP, why is that?
Are they too influenced by consultants? Are they too accomdating by nature, ie, what drives people to become Dems always makes them more willing to compromise with their opponents? Are they too afraid of losing their own positions? Are they too conservative for Dems but too liberal for the GOP? What do you think?

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They are confrontational ...
you need to pay more attention. At least the progressives among them are, and the moderates are when they disagree with the Repubs. But when you are in the minority, you just don't have the microphone to amplify your confrontations, which is why you and most Americans haven't heard them. So why isn't every vote along party lines? Easy. Simply voting en bloc against the majority is an empty gesture. It's irrelevant. No one except political junkies knows or cares about vote counts. And many Dems come from Republican states, where not being all anti-Repub-all-the-time is a good thing.
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