• I'd like to know if Amanda's parents ever stopped watching O'Liely or at least admitted that her views had some merit?

    I've noticed over the years that while Dems usually try to look out for the other guy, poor kids, the disabled, the sick, etc., Reps seem to only take up a cause when it actually affects their family, Helms and a sick grandchild who changed his mind about stem cell research, Nancy Reagan and stem cell after RR got Alzheimer's, etc.

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    Ya gotta see Billmon's photoshop!


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    I stop by at least 5 times a week. I contribute on occassion to help out or for the poll. Your blog is quite technical and I have no expertise to offer but I appreciate the work you all do and learn from reading your posts.

    I bet there are a lot of people like me. (Notice the technical term "a lot") See, I have a lot to learn. So other than thanking you for this blog and an occassional short comment I remain a silent supporter.

  • What is this crap they are pulling about the page being 18 so it's ok?

    Monica was 22.

    Enough said.

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    I've lived in TN for ten years. I'm a damned Yankee, the kind that doesn't go back up north.

    Corker's ad said Ford voted against the patriot act. It's very misleading. It's played over and over here.

    I think this ad was great. His line about starting in church the old fashioned way and being a better man for it was perfect. It aludes to his religious values without making him into a religo-fascist.

    I don't like the line "I'll always fight for you." I wish he had said he'd always fight for the working man. But then that's just me.

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    I've read through the post and all the comments and I don't think anyone has mentioned the elephant in the room; Harold Ford is black.

    Am I naive in thinking that this will have a negative effect on his ability to win the state.?

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    Drudge is listing Lieberman with an (i) after his name. Calling Lamont the winner.

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    Just sent a small donation. Good luck tomorrow and thanks for all your hard work and excellent writing.

  • Answered my own question by googling.

    http://coherentbabble.com/signingstateme nts/signstateann.htm

    No signing statement yet.

  • Great question BBC- It would be very interesting to know if there's a signing statement. Since many repugs were against reauthorizing the VRA, I think there's a very good chance he issured one.

    How do we find out?

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    I'm one of the few "homemakers" on the survey, married, 54, one income 90k, college grad, liberal, oh and female.

    I wanted to comment on Matt's note about women, blogs and the language issue. I'm also a 'recovering Catholic' so cursing and off color language is not something I engage in very often. But I must admit I enjoy reading the colorful language when applied to this administration. It's like a catharsis, it lets me rant without using the language myself.

    Now let me say that the gratuitous use of the F word if used against another commenter is annoying but I find that most of the blogs I read (over 10 a day, yeah, it's nice being a homemaker, all that diaper changing, sleepless nights, school function volunteering, has paid off with time on my hands now) are not excessively nasty.

    Thinking back, I got involved in the anti-war movement in early 2003 and had been reading blogs in late 2002. Then Air America helped keep me informed as well. Lately my favorite blog is firedoglake. Those girls sure can write some trash.

    I started with reading TPM and from there Atrios and Kos. I have to admit that with its expansion, daily kos is a bit overwhelming and I've cut back what I read there. I think Digby and Billmon came next (so glad Billmon's writing again), then Talk Left and Mydd. I added Americablog, Huffington Post, Raw Story, and Steve Clemons. Finally firedoglake, Glen Greenwald, Think Progress and Crooks and Liars. There are others I read on and off and some have come and gone.

    I hope this is of interest to someone. I don't comment often but I'm here everyday.

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    "We don't have an agreed agenda..

    I think there is a typo in that sentence. It's supposed to say:

    "We don't have a greed agenda...

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    What she said.

  • on a comment on What Do You Think of My Ad? over 8 years ago

    I noticed the "I'll shut it down" comment too. Although the voice over mentions the "lobbying system", by the time Ms Busby talks about our broken system it sounds like she's talking about the Congress in general.  

    Otherwise, it has a great look and is memorable. The message gets across.

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    My little ones are 20 and 18. Thanks for posting this pic. Babies always bring a smile to my face. In these times we need all the smiles we can get.

    PS- She is adorable.


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