CPAC Gives Up

Um, long-time listener, first-time caller.  I've been reading since the jerome days, and have checked four or five times a days since '04.  So there's about 38 cents of ad revenue with my name on them.

The Boston Globe's article ...

on CPAC and the decision to focus on the already quixotic task of retaking the House and Senate seems to me a fairly clearly choreographed move to either put pressure on the three GOP 'frontrunners,' or an inexplicably open signal of how, given the prevailing political tides, keeping the White House is entirely out of the question. Coupled with the Amelia Island (whose history as a revolutionary pirate haven in the 1810s is the subject of my upcoming disseratation "The Capture of the American South: Slaves, States and Pirates in the Early Republic" - insufferable plugs for career nearly done) conference and the totally desperate calls to Mark Sanford, I feel pretty happy about this apparent GOP disorganization.

anyway, read more at, with Barack Obama quotations of the day, updated semi-weekly.

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