• No.

    I'm not saying gender bias cost Hillary the primary.  But to say Obama is a better Democrat?  Sorry.  No.

    And this?

    That anyone can say that with a straight face... against THIS man? Against a man who gets called NIGGER every fucking day in a hundred different ways on a thousand different websites... Holy fucking shit... how can you look yourselves in the mirror. I am embarrassed to have a fucking uterus.

    Is illogical. Being called an epithet doesn't mean a person is a saint of tolerance towards others.  Shee-it.

  • Oh dear me.  No, Bush never fooled me for one second.  Ever.  But I'm so liberal and far-thinking that I have to spend most of my time saying, or biting my tongue on, "I told you so."  Not being in the Senate, I don't have to think like a politician.  For example, I don't have to cave in on things like FISA.

    With gullible types like you in abundance in this country, it's no wonder Obama managed to pull the wool over just enough eyes to marginally squeak past Hillary.

    That reminds me, I'll be telling you "I told you so" in November.  

  • When fools accuse me of voting for Bush or McCain.

    And let's see, AUMF was not a vote "to kill thousands of Americans and waste" money.  It was a vote to put pressure on Iraq to let inspectors back into the country.  Whereas telecom immunity is a vote in direct opposition to constitutional rights.

    While I don't relish McCain as president, I'll certainly be happy when you get some comeuppance and learn a lesson and grow up a little.  You might turn into a reasonable Democrat somewhere down the road.

  • effective as a president.  Sure, he was widely fawned over, and he did indeed learn while in office and would probably have had a much better second term, but he brought us close to atomic war through his inexperience and naivete.  His words and actions led the Soviets to think they could succeed in planting missile launchers in Cuba.

  • After he voted like that, what reason have you been given to believe he will do ANYTHING AT ALL to undo the worst of the FISA law?

    Also, I presume you can count, too, and know that AUMF bill would have passed with or without Hillary's vote.  

    You just want to hold Hillary responsible for things, while letting Obama off the hook over and over.  That suits Obama pretty well, because he hates taking responsibility.

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    You know, between McCain saying we're whiners and Michelle Obama saying we're just downright mean, I don't know where to look for an encouraging word.

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    Let Obama get back to work.  Has he done more than five days' work in the Senate, like, ever?  We the taxpayers are PAYING him a salary - to campaign, apparently.

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    Your intelligent friends helped elect George Bush. Not very smart of them was it?

    The above is written sarcastically.  Putting it as a question is what turned it into sarcasm.  Yes, you were pointing out an irony, but to keep that from being sarcastic, it should not have been in question form at all.

    One way to keep it from being sarcastic would be to write it this way:

    "You say that your friends, who in my opinion helped elect George Bush, are intelligent, but in fact I think that was not smart of them at all."

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    a little bit of fun at puny satirists who think highly of themselves.

    So let us see... by the above are you intimating that you were really just trying to show off to your fellow Obama people, trying to score one off me?  

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    I should have mentioned that this Elephant Gun song reminds me muchly of nortenos and mariachi style.

  • on a comment on because over 6 years ago

    Lovely video and music!  I love that style of music.  Los Lobos have a couple of CDs of fabulous nortenos music.  And, dork that I am, I love actual, real and well-played mariachi music.

    When I'm down, C'mon! C'mon! is my never-fail song to put me in a good mood.  We all have our faves for this.

    Matt's video is great even with the slightly melancholy song, because it shows the delight of how just dancing itself can bring all sorts of people together.  I wish we could send dance troops overseas instead of military troops.

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    The good-natured man is commonly the darling of petty wits, with whom they exercise themselves in the rudiments of raillery; for he never takes advantages of failings, nor disconcerts a puny satirist with unexpected sarcasms.

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    Oh my goodness.  Ben Franklin and Tom Jefferson should have just moved to England because independence wasn't viable.

    What a ridiculous argument.

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    I would lose self-respect.  I've never voted for a Republican, even one I knew would lose, for shits and giggles or any other reason.

    Surely you knew that would be my answer.

  • on a comment on Lay Off the C40's over 6 years ago

    I agree.  It's not effective in conversation.  It FEELS good to do it (at first anyway), and gawd knows I'm a sarcastic ass at times, but it isn't effective in getting people on your side.


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