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    "I wish now that I had not been such a naive technorati..."

    ...apparently you REMAIN a naive technorati, as your ANGST = Anger + Fear overwhelms your capacity to express yourself by any means other than adolescent sarcasm.

    i feel your pain, and i am truly sorry that you are experiencing such misery. Best regards,


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    22-JUL-2006 : After meeting with senior officials of The Administration in Washington, D.C., the Saudi Prince laid out in full, the Final Agenda.

    "Give ISRAEL enough rope to hang herself," he told them, "it's the only way out."

    Everyone agreed, everyone could see, yes ~ this was the only way out. It was everyone's long-sought Exit Strategy, and it was politically delicious: Der Dolchstoss!

    The American working- and middle-classes, having born the brunt of the blood and treasure cost of The Administration's fiasco in the MidEast, were beginning to catch on. They felt fooled; they felt betrayed.

    The usual divisive issues no longer had any bite. The polls weren't responding like they used to: Gay-Baiting / Sexual politics and Race-Baiting / Immigration politics of fear, ever so useful in the past, were no longer effective. Americans were angry ~ and somebody had to pay.

    But now at last they had found their Final Agenda. The Saudis could sit back and let ISRAEL pound their nemesis, the Shi'ites. The Anglo-Americans, meanwhile, could set up The Jews to take the fall for their MidEast folly.

    By then, It was already too late to salvage the Mid-Term, 2006 election ~ they would lose The House, they knew, but The Party was still intact. More important, their grip on the American Main-Stream Media, though frayed, was still functional.

    Murdoch, in particular, was alarmed. "I can't hold this line much longer," he told them. NASCAR Dad's and SOCCER Mom's eyeballs were no longer sticking to the Trailer Trash Pie he was dishing out as "news".

    Priority One was to blame the Neo-Cons = "Jewish Intellectuals" for, in the words of Patrick Buchanan, "mis-leading the leaders of our great country."

    The Neo-Cons would be shunned, hung up to wither and die ~ their brief careers snuffed out under the same FOX fire 24/7 roasting loop of pundits and puffed-up, talk-show demagogues that only months before had been their greatest allies.

    There was collateral damage, too ~ a lot of it. Most of the Officer Corps was purged, one result of the House's Special Committee to Investigate "The Activities of Anti-American Neo-Cons" all over the Federal Government. Federal funding for Jewish organizations, university professors, began to dry up. Then, it got ugly.

    "We must question the Family Values of the Jews," Dobson said. Robertson would come out later that week. "The Jews have failed to assimilate among us. They are practicing abortion and encouraging sex without marriage by promoting birth-control among our children. THEY ARE TEACHING EVOLUTION."

    Angry working- and middle-class Americans quickly seized upon the Talking Points of the Main-Stream Media's new "conversation."

    The Democrats, never quick to catch on, found themselves with yet another hideous dilemma confounding them: The Jewish-American voting BLOC was traditionally Democratic. Rovian Republicans had succeeded yet again, beyond their wildest expectaions... Democrats were frozen, their loyalties and logic, maddeningly divided.

    Senator Lieberman had already been hounded out of office ~ by the naive NETROOTS progressives; the technorati caught on too late to the blunt RealPolitik of Power. "They would never go THAT FAR," they blogged ~ never dreaming that SOMEBODY had to take the fall for failure, and it sure as hell wasn't going to be the CronyCapitalists and the corrupt Republican puppets that they had all worked so hard, for so long, to put in power.

    Soon Feinstein and the others would be gone, too. "They betrayed us," exit-polled voters in California said, "We don't want these Jews in our Party: THEY CAUSED THE WAR!"


    22-JUL-2006 : give them enough rope to hang themselves, the Saudi Prince said ;-)


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