• Mass Transit
    Dump the SUV (I would possibly agree to drilling if we also add a massive annual gas guzzler tax on all existing SUVs)
    bike to work
    just freaking move closer to work

    Again, I stated this is a lifestyle change that we as a society have to undergo.  It is not going to be painless.   I started my transition years ago my moving closer into town and also I have been driving a hybrid for over 5.5 years.

  • This site is getting more pathetic all the time.  When Obama refused to condemn Reagan as the anti-Christ last year, people here went apoplectic.  When Obama decided to 'cave in' to Bush on FISA people here went apoplectic.  People here still want to crucify Obama over his Aye vote on the Bush/Cheney energy plan.  

    And yet now all those same people now are in full support of Bush/Cheney and big oil in wanting to open up more drilling off our shores and in ANWR.

    You people are really pathetic.  Making oil cheaper again is only going to delay any movement off oil.  Look at what happened 8 years ago when the GOP was bitching about how high oil and gas were back then.   What has been done since that time?  Where are the amazing break-throughs?     Nowhere, because people refused to change there habits.

    Even $4 a gallon gas is only starting to make a dent, so I think it is obvious that gas needs to go to $5 or $6 a gallon so people realize that they have to change their lifestyle.

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    I find it absolutely disgusting that for all the bitching and whining and moaning about FISA, the so-called progressives here are so easily willing to roll over like pathetic cowards on drilling.

    There WERE and ARE political realities on FISA too, so don't give me that right wing bullshit line about this on drilling.  It is much easier to limit the impact that FISA has on our lives and the long term impact it will have than it is to roll back off-shore drilling.  

    Again, I have zero sympathy for all the people who have bought SUVs over the past 7 years bitching about gas prices.  I am sick of the argument that they 'need' this big cars to carry their shit around.

    Unless we keep gas prices over $4 a gallon nobody is ever going to get serious about alternative fuels.

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    This is just more Obama bashing.  Those of us who oppose drilling are now no longer the real Americans.   To me, the drilling issue is much more important than the FISA compromise.   If you are norw for drilling, than I give you a big Fuck You.  That goes for you especially Jerome.

    When the oil companies finish drilling in all the places that they already have permission to drill than maybe we can start looking elsewhere.

    I have zero sympathy for all those people driving big SUVs that get only 16 MPG.  It is the mess you made, deal with it.   Go buy yourself a smaller car.

    Phil Graham was partially right.  Americans are a bunch of whiners.  The cheap oil from the late 90s was an anomaly due to the Asian financial crisis.   We are never going to move to alternative fuels as long as there is cheap oil.

    This $4 a gallon gas is going to be the best thing that ever happened in the long run.

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    This is one of the main reasons why I have very serious problems with modern American Christianity.  I would rather see it the other way around.  I mean, come on, if you can't get it up, isnt that a sign that God doesn't want you to have children?

  • of Belarus, so he showed some suprising Clarity there.

    But, if he completely disagrees with the man, why did he even allow him to speak at all?

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    This speech by Graham was disasterous.  It really does remind you of the whole malaise speech that Carter gave.  Yeah, there is some truth to what Graham said, but at the same time, the economy does have some major problems.  Mostly because of the way the GOP has managed it over the last 7.5 years.

    The last thing you want to tell people who are looking around and seeing things get worse, that it is all in their head.   In my neighborhood, there are currently 2 houses already in foreclosure and 2 more priced to sell.  This is a neighborhood that is only 50% built (60 homes) and I was the first to move into less than 28 months ago.  

    This was a wonderful gift that Graham gave us today and it is going to be interesting to see how 10-house McCain responds.

  • This is not the first time I have said it, but I strongly believe that Jackson wants Obama to lose.  He makes his money on the victim card and Obama as President makes that much harder to play.

    When suburban white voters see that Obama is not a lacky of Jackson, a lot of the (unfounded) fears will start to go away.  I am not trying to argue it will move everyone, but there are a lot of people who don't like Jesse Jackson and don't trust politicians who support him.

  • Glad to see the GOP Trolls are back online

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    He owned quite a few dogs, and I don't think anyone would consider him to be compassionate.

    It is really disgusting how our media is doing anything and everything in its power to avoid talking about real issues.

  • Camalot was not associated to Kennedy until AFTER he was dead.   Jackie gave an interview in December 1963 where she stated that Jack used to like to listen to the soundtrack at night.

    There was no Camelot in Summer 1960.  For Crying out loud, the show didn't even open until after the 1960 election.

  • OK, I havent read the article, but I do know that Jeralyn still thinks there are only 27 people in the whole country who will vote for Obama.  I would not be suprised that he comment was meant to be snarky and divisive.

  • I am sure they will be free, but the hardest part will just be getting them.  They will probably be giving a lot away to volunteers first, so if you live near Denver, you should probably sign up for helping out the party.  I think that is going to be your best shot to get a ticket

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    As a former Hamiltonian I support anyone who will get rid of Chris Smith.

  • Yep, here in Atlanta the Gun nuts are all excited that they can carry loaded weapons on public Transportation and right into the airport.

    just one more sickening display that there is not a conservative around who really and truly believes in security.


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