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    I am on with someone in the Lamont campaign
    and it is only about 10% and even LIEberman
    will not declare victory...it is too soon...
    hang in a little later...if I get more, I will
    come back here....
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    I wonder if Lieberman will be embraced by Harry Reid and the rest of the non democrats in DC...I would
    almost venture a bet that they will welcome him back with open arms....

    When Lieberman announced he would run as a Democrat, I wrote to Schumer, Reid and anyone else I could find and begged them to remove him from the Democratic party...did they?  NO!  My only hope is that Ned Lamont is able to pull this off...but after seeing the poll that Chris posted, I am really very depressed over it.  

    Time will tell I guess and maybe the newly elected
    progressive democrats will put up a battle and we start on the 8th to rid congress of all these jerks.

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    It is amazing all the credit going to the Lamont
    campaign...my question is...where is all the support from the infamous DSCC??  They have fallen on their arses.  Very few big named DC people have gone up there and helped to campaign with Ned.  If he loses, it is mostly their fault for not supporting him loudly...they are all too afraid to hurt little Joe.  Well, Joe will stick the knife in their backs in a minute..look how quickly he took money from Bush, Rove and the GOP.  He never looked back....but he didn't do well in the debate tonight...Ned won and Alan
    was a great showman...I loved his line re Joe..
    he said Joe was ready for Halloween...he was running as an Independent, but really masquarading as a Republican...Pretty sad for the Democrats...Ned should win with all the work he has done...but time will tell.  Maybe the study
    that was done, the Democrats will see through lying Joe and see him for what he is...a phony!!
  • The ONLY way to counter this is for everyone to send letters to the DSCC (which isn't doing its job)or emails.  You must demand that they support Ned as he is the duly elected DEMOCRATIC candidate for the senate race....LIEBERMAN LOST!!  They have to see that.  Once LIEberman has been certified as a candidate, he should have his Democratic label taken away and chastised if he uses it with INDEPENDENT.
    I agree with the writer above...the DSCC MUST
    SUPPORT Ned with personal visits and with financial support.....if not, they should be removed from their postition...they are not representing what they were elected for.  
  • Ned's vacation was a very short trip to Maine for only a few days.  He was back working the campaign the following week.  He had a great appearance in New Haven last week with John Edwards.  Check out Ct.Bob and the other ct bloggers.  They will keep you updated as to what he is doing!!


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    Thanks to Sen. Feingold for having the courage to take a stand and stand for the DEMOCRAT that the people choose.  Too bad the MAJORITY OF DEMOCRATS haven't the moral fortitude to follow in Feingold's footsteps....they are all chickens.  It is about time they all got out of the beltway and listened to their people...it might WAKE THEM UP!!  There are only a few real Democrats now in Congress and if they continue on their present road, they will be out on their arses before long!!  The American public needs to stand up to their congressmen and senators and tell them to stop and listen to their people...or else.  

    Keep up the good work Russ Feingold...you are the best!

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    Good luck tomorrow in Cambridge..I'm only a few
    miles away and will see if I can get hubby to go over with me...but if I can't have a great time.
    Check out what happened with the State Committee
    regarding the five delegates that were supporting
    a state senator from the opposition!!  Be interesting to see if they don't let them vote at the convention.  State rules state that you cannot
    support a candidate of the opposite party with money or general help...we tried to enforse that in our town a few years ago as we had a few "traitors" too for the same State Senator, but then the Chairman of the Committee decided to throw out our appeal to them and they allowed the members to stay put.  Great way for the Dems to support their loyal members!  
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    LUCAS...I agree with you..don't let down the guard with Francine...it is in the best interest of the party to have her win and the DNC had better come though and match the RNC to be sure she wins.  This could tip lots of races should she win...but don't take it for granted.  Too many seats can be lost if she doesn't win.  

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    One question I have it...why is Leiberman saying that he will become an Independent if he looses the primary???  AND WILL THE DEMOCRATS IN DC actually
    work for Lamont.  Mr. Lamont worked very hard to win this convention...I know that many people who voted at the convention will be voting for Lamont, rather than Joe.  Joe has sided too much with the republicans in the past and we are tired of it.  If you are a Democrat, you vote with them...not against them.  Ever hear of Loyality??  Seems this has been forgotten.  If the DSCC doesn't wake up and see what is really going on, then it will fold.  Look what you all did to the fellow from Ohio...he should have won....and instead you backed the other guy.  Plus I  believe there were questions on the voting machines in the race with Schmidt...Hackett may have won...just like Gore won in 00 and 04...these machines by Diebold are fudged by the opposition...it has been proven.

    I for one will not give one more dime to any Democratic group, but only directly to the candidates that I think are worthy of winning.
    It is time to rid the government of those that are in it only for themselves....they forget who put them there...They are elected to represent US, the voters...not their agendas.  I think too that the lobbyist need to be disbanded and not allowed to give anything to any politicians..this is where most of the trouble is.  

    Wake up Democrats...we need a win, but we need compliant people that will honor their oaths and not ignore them.

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    Rove is trying to make ALL Republican's answerable to himself.  He is running everything anyway from the White House.  I don't think that any of them thought the information would be made public.  I have written to all members of the Judicary Committe, both sides, and put a copy of the article about Rove in it.  Then I asked...are you an independent thinker, voter?  OR...are your hands and lives tied to Rove and the White House and you MUST vote the way they want?  I told them that we knew what they were doing and would hold them responsible come November.  Hey, call a Spade a Spade!!  The questions I have is...Why are the Democrats not making a big deal out of this??  Is this another of those missed opportunities??  It is not too late..time to stand up and use their voices.  They will never take back the house without making a stand!!  My cry is..FIGHT BACK!

  • Thanks for this confirmation..I have spent a few hours tonight writing a letter to the entire Judiciary Committee who are meeting tomorrow to discuss the nomination.  I told them that they had a duty to uphold the consititution and Alito had no plans to do that, other that to annoint Bush as king of his own kingdom.  I told them also that they represented us and the American people do not want this jerk.  I quoted Al Gore in a few instances re making noise and I told them that the entire committee was a disgrace that not one of them asked a question that we, the public, would have asked.  I told them if they appointed this nerd that the American people would remember and they would all go down in a flame of defeat.  I honestly believe that this is what must be done and you have already listed this.  I intend to contact all the Senators on the D side and some of the R's and give them more baloney!!  I don't worry about my Senators...Kerry and Kennedy, but I will razz them a little.  As far as I know, the vote for Alito comes down a week from today (tues)
    and then the entire group of Senators will vote the following week.  There is enough time to get  the work out to bombard The Senate and maybe even some of the Congress...
    I will also sign all of those petitions ...I believe I have signed some alread...but will go thru the list.
    Is there anything else that can be done?  Just say the word, and I will do it.  
    Keep up the good work!  Thanks.

    Best from Boston,

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    Go to http://www.USPatriotsUnited.blogspot.com

    think you will find the site very interesting
    and informative.  There is a second site connected to it as well.

    Great place.


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    I have been watching Paul for some time now
    and I am keeping my fingers cross, praying,
    you name it, I am doing it...Have been down
    this road with hubby a few times and it nerve
    wracking...Hang in there.....

    Best of luck to Paul and his volunteers...they
    have done a super job!!

    Moesie from Wakefield, MA


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