Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 240

Welcome to 2010. Hope everyone had a good break.

In 2010 we still have a long way to go with our economic recovery. And, as I have been saying for more than 5 years, the best way to revitalize our economy is through conversion to a green economy. Focusing on energy solutions like solar, wind, small hydroelectric, methane capture, biodiesel, etc. we create American jobs, produce energy more locally (hence improving the efficiency of energy delivery) and reduce our dependence on nations like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. The United States has dragged its feet on this. As individuals we have generally been reluctant to make the personal decisions necessary to create a sound market for clean energy. And our local, state and Federal governments have been painfully slow to put in the incentives and regulations that would encourage such a shift. In 2010 we have to turn the tide both as individuals and at the level of government. This is critical both for job creation and for addressing global warming.

2010 will also be a major election year. It is almost inevitable that the right wing will regain some ground in 2010. The historical trends are almost overwhelming: in the second year of almost any President's term his party loses ground in Congress. My hope is that we do not lose ground at the expense of our better members of Congress. For example, <a href="">Alan Grayson of Florida</a> is a major target by the right wing. We do not want to lose that race. I'd rather lose a few Blue Dog seats if we are going to lose seats. So I already have some Act Blue sites set up to fight the best fights in key states. In addition, I will be highlighting some <a href="">secretary of state races</a> (particularly California, Michigan and Minnesota) as well as <a href="">Jennifer Brunner for Senate</a> from Ohio and <a href="">Alex Sink for Governor</a> of Florida. These are two extraordinary women who are ideal for the job they are running for. Both races will be hard fought and we need to fight hard for these great candidates. Beyond that I will continue my focus on <a href="">Progressive Majority</a>, which has been successfully electing solid progressives on a local level, creating the next generation of successful politicians.

Green jobs, addressing global warming, defending key progressives like Alan Grayson and Progressive Majority endorsed candidates, and fighting key races like Ohio Senate and Florida Governor need to be our main efforts this year. A very forward-looking agenda.

For now I am revamping the local focus pages and still going a little easy with the newsletter.

Here is this week's newsletter:


<a href="">Welcoming the New Year with 100% Green Power</a>

<a href="">Liberalism in the Blood: My son singing "Sticking to the Union"</a>

<a href="">Silicon Valley Area, CA Focus</a>

<a href="">Orange County, CA Focus</a>

<a href="">San Diego, CA Focus</a>

<a href="">California 11th District Focus: San Joaquin, Alameda and Santa Clara Counties</a>

<a href="">CALIFORNIA FOCUS</a>

<a href="">Brooklyn, NY Focus</a>

<a href="">Queens, NY Focus</a>

<a href="">Bronx, NY Focus</a>

<a href="">Suffolk County, NY Focus</a>

<a href="">New York 19th District Focus: Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, and Westchester Counties</a>

<a href="">Rochester, NY Focus</a>

<a href="">NEW YORK STATE FOCUS</a>

<a href="">Atlanta, GA Focus</a>

<a href="">Fayette County, GA Focus</a>

<a href="">Coweta County, GA Focus</a>

<a href="">GEORGIA FOCUS</a>

<a href="">Austin/Travis County, TX Focus</a>

<a href="">Dallas County, TX Focus</a>

<a href="">Houston/Harris County, TX Focus</a>

<a href="">Texas 10th District Focus: Turn TX-10 Blue</a>

<a href="">Texas 21st District Focus: Turn TX-21 Blue</a>

<a href="">TEXAS FOCUS</a>

<a href="">Charlottesville/Albemarle County, VA Focus</a>

<a href="">Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania County, VA Focus</a>

<a href="">Hanover County, VA Focus</a>

<a href="">VIRGINIA FOCUS</a>

<a href="">Sussex County, NJ Focus</a>

<a href="">Passaic County, NJ Focus</a>

<a href="">Warren County, NJ Focus</a>

<a href="">NEW JERSEY FOCUS</a>

<a href="">Lancaster Co. PA Focus</a>



<a href="">FLORIDA FOCUS</a>

<a href="">ARIZONA FOCUS</a>

<a href="">COLORADO FOCUS</a>

<a href="">IOWA FOCUS</a>

<a href="">WISCONSIN FOCUS</a>

<a href="">Michigan Secretary of State: Jocelyn Benson</a>

<a href="">MICHIGAN FOCUS</a>


<a href="">ILLINOIS FOCUS</a>

<a href="">MINNESOTA FOCUS</a>

<a href="">NEVADA FOCUS</a>

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