Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 170

The primary is over and our nominee is Barack Obama.

This was going to be a historic moment no matter what. Once the field narrowed to Obama and Clinton, we KNEW we would make history. We would have either the first black or first woman nominated for President by one of the two major parties. Well, THIS, folks, is history. Real and amazing history. We have now done what our parents couldn't do.

Now is the time to get it right. Now is the time to come together. Now is the time...the Dream comes true this year bigger and brighter than it has ever been dreamed before. Let's do this thing TOGETHER.

Polls show that we are likely to take the Senate solidly and win the White House. But we can't take that for granted and we have to fight for it.

The baseline polls show that Obama could solidly win 228 electoral votes and McCain win 202 electoral votes. The winning number is 270. The key swing states are: New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio and Connecticut lean Dem, Indiana and Virginia are statistical ties, and South Carolina and Michigan lean Republican. These are the states where the biggest battles will be fought. I believe that Connecticut and Michigan will definitely go Dem. That would put Obama's baseline at 252 electoral votes to McCain's 202. That is a good position to start from. Add to that the fact that Dems have strtong Senate candidates in Virginia, New Mexico and Colorado (as well as New Hampshire which could also be a swing state), we are in a really good position to win big in November. Add Bob Barr into the mix and a couple of other states could become competitive. Possible Vice Presidential picks would also be helpful. Some top choices being discussed are Wesley Clark (who would suddenly throw Arkansas into the mix, but I doubt he will be the choice), Jim Webb who is a rock star in Virginia or Bill Richardson, who could deliver New Mexico and Colorado.

Don't know about you, but I am excited about November.

Here is this week's newsletter.


REPUBLICAN FAILURES: The Neglect of America's Infrastructure




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