Celebrate 1/20/09

Change is in the air! Today, one of the worst eras in American history will come to a close (lasting legacy of economic depression aside), and a new, almost certainly MUCH better era will begin. It is time to celebrate. How will you celebrate the end of the Bush regime and the beginning of the Obama Presidency? With the passing of one very depressing era, and the start of a new, very hopeful one, I am considering several ways to commemorate the event.

Perhaps it is time to show my pride as a liberal American. Be PROUD to be a liberal American. Our nation was founded on liberal principles and we should remind everyone around us that it is PATRIOTIC to be liberal.

Perhaps it is time to invest in renewable energy produced here in America on American farms and Native American lands. We need to rebuild America, rebuild our economy in a new, greener image. Native Energy is one of the best programs to focus on to do this.

Perhaps it is time to focus on the future of the Progressive Movement. Our big wins in 2006 and 2008 are only the beginning.

Perhaps it is time to further build the grassroots to offset the role of big money in politics. United we are a force to be reakoned with. Divided we are losers.

Maybe it is time to invest in the Democratic Party through Howard Dean's Democracy Bonds, a way to support the DNC through small contributions from individual donors. This has been key in reducing the influence of big money on our party.

How are you going to celebrate? How are you going to savor history in the making?

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Re: Celebrate 1/20/09

So. I suppose that this is what it looks like when a deal gets sealed.

by QTG 2009-01-20 05:47AM | 0 recs


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