I smell the end of James Carville

When I close my eyes...

I can just see James reading the original huffpost article on BO's SanFran comments and getting all fired up and foaming at the mouth and coaching Hillary, nay insisting to Hillary, that she run with it like she has never run with anything before.

He told her the folks in western PA will be up in arms over the comments. He said it might even end BO's campaign nationally. He said all she has to do is run with this and she is in.

Remember that scene from "The War Room" where James gets all excited over Bush printing the campaign materials overseas? He had that same reaction here except it was multiplied 10x.

And he was wrong. HRC overplayed badly and James forgot he wasn't running against a Bush, he's running against the super-skilled Obama campaign.

I think this was James' last big political play and he lost. He ends in defeat. But he did have a lot of victories and many people will always be thankful for the job he did in getting Bill elected.

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Latest attack on Obama; what does Hillary stand for?

This diary is a vent. It probably doesn't meet standards for a diary, but here it is anyway:

I expect that when a Democrat tries to move us forward by talking about the touchy issues that divide us, Republicans will attack him or her. They always have.  

But Hillary and her supporters doing that attacking??

Hillary and her supporters who engage in attacks like this have sold their soul a dozen times over in this campaign with attacks that are below the belt, attempts to change the delegate rules, praising of McCain at the expense of Obama, and more.

What do Hillary and her supporters stand for now?
Who do they inspire??
Where would they lead us???

Go join the Republicans and quite pretending you are any different from them. You are not, at least in your disgusting tactics.

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