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    A straight up concession and acknowledgment? I don't think she has one in her.

    She's telling the donors on the phone what they want to hear. Meanwhile, I bet she and Wolfson are scheming out all the angles.

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    should have thought about the idea of Hilary being vp before she went scorched earth and saddled up to Hannity and Fox and such. Now her chance for vp is close to zero.

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    your opening line: "In spite of the fact that sexism has been such a prominent dynamic in this campaign"...

    Sure some voters vote based upon gender and race and such, but Obama did not win because of sexism. Clinon did not lose because of sexism.

    The role of sexism in this election has been one where Clinton and her supporters try and use it to play victim.

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    to you who are her supporters. She has given all she can possibly give. Yet you continue to demand she give more and more, with no end in sight. Go, fight, go, fight. Don't stop. We need you to win. All our hopes and dreams rest upon your victory Hillary.

    You are running her into the ground. When will you give her a chance to stop?

  • Only her supporters can save her now, by telling her to withdrawal ASAP and attempt to save what dignity and political future she may have left.

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    Fact: Hillary is a female
    Fact: Obama is not

    to HRC supporters, everything else is open to interpretation, and re-interpretation.

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    he should and did apologize.

    I do not think though that he is sexist. I think he respects women, and everyone, as equals. The reporter was getting on his nerves (on purpose it appears), tossing questions to him when he was walking around and not taking questions, and he took a jab at her. Like he said in his apology, they had set up times for reporters to ask questions. This walk around wasn't supposed to be a time to shoot questions.

    The reporter was looking to sir up trouble and Obama should not have taken the bait.

    I think he learned from this experience. I also think he will be a great president.

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    I wonder if Obama has received more votes from whites than has HRC this campaign? I wouldn't be surprised if he has. He has won huge in states that are almost all white.

    The groups he doesn't get a lot of votes from are Appalachian whites. Most everywhere else he wins the white vote.

    Appalachian whites are among the least educated and least informed groups in the county. The less informed one is, the more susceptible they are to political pandering. HRC panders to them and they buy it.

    Also the less informed and educated groups are more likely to believe lies like "Obama is a muslim" and such. Also those groups are more likely to harbor bigoted views. HRC appeals to those people more than Obama does.

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    my god he is going to get slaughtered.

    weakest candidate from any party since...I don't know when.

  • but nothing to get worked up about IMO.

    I don't think anyone is going to accuse her of being racist. There are a lot of poor qualities I ascribe to her, but bigoted is not one of them.

  • I think I have good judgment on whether Obama will defeat McCain, but forget my judgment and let's look at the trading markets.

    People who are betting their money - not predicting based upon partisan or political views but based upon the cold hard reality of who will win - have Obama at around 55% and McCain at around 35%. When the nom is sealed for Obama, that margin will increase to probably 65/35.

    Obama is the big favorite to win.

    Also about me being fooled...yes, maybe it was too easy for HRC to fool me, but I won't let it happen again.

  • Definitely the resentment that has been building in me these past several months is coming out.

    I feel duped by HRC. I'm more angry at myself though for being suckered all these years than I am at her.

  • no. she's done.

    Obama will certianhly defeat mcCain and she won't have another chance at the prez for 2 election cycles.

    She lost the support of her senate colleagues a while ago and there is no future there for her.

    And, when a politician has to rely upon fooling people and pandering to people in order to win, and even then they end up losing, they are well and truly done.

    A few months ago I would have been sad and disappointed at these facts, but now I say good riddance. I had thought I knew her but I see she was fooling me over these years.

  • I doubt it. There is no difference between the Clinton 1%ers and the GOP. Now they are even throwing bible verses on us.

  • She has ruined herself in this campaign and her career in politics is done.


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