Come Back Bill Clinton, We Love You!

Where is Bill?

Bill won New Hampshire for Hillary. He won Nevada for Hillary. South Carolina was Obama's base. However, Hillary's new base is with the women, Latinos and other minorities. These voters love Hillary and Bill. Bill needs to come back out and show his magic.

New Hampshire and Nevada showed there is an incredible love out there for Bill Clinton in the the Democratic party. Despite the incredible bias pro-Obama media reporting, Hillary still won these states. The talk about Nevada was all about Bill Clinton. And this is a good thing.

Hillary's base does not care about the race issues, the anti-Clinton rhetoric. They care about what the Clinton's have done for them in the past. And what the Clinton's will do for them in the future. To this extent, Bill is absolutely invaluable to play to these groups. Bill should focus on the Latinos, women and other parts of the core Democratic base that love Bill Clinton right now. Nowhere is this more true than in California.

Just a note, I was talking with an Indian American women. She was for Hillary. But her husband was for Obama. Her husband loved Bill Clinton, but thought that Hillary would not listed to him in the White House. She had argued that Bill would be involved in the government, a two for the price of one argument. In other words, one of Hillary's greatest strength with the diverse base of the Democratic party is their love of Bill Clinton.

So Bill needs to get out there and remind us all that he is still here. And will be helping Hillary throughout the campaign and her presidency. He has to do is remind people what good economic times we had in the 1990's.

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Come Back Bill Clinton, We Love You!

Another note, when Bill left office in 2001. He had 70% approval rating. Same approval rating he had during Al Gore's election in 2000. Gore lost that election by not showing how great he and Bill ran government all those years. They did one heck of job in the 1990's.

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Re: Come Back Bill Clinton, We Love You!

Bill hasn't gone anywhere he just isn't making news. He has been very active, 5 events in California today alone. Yesterday he was working the black churches in Cali and watching the Super Bowl in New Mexico. I saw him hear in Georgia last Friday. He has also had multiple events across the Super Tuesday states including NJ, MO, AR, NM, CO, AL etc. He just has been focused on pushing Hillary and nothing else. The national media isn't paying attention but he is getting local coverage and nice crowds. Here is GA it was PACKED

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the problem may be

If Hillary comes out and uses the "2 for 1" argument, a lot of people may think that she is not up to the job and that it will be he that runs the show. Not that it would be correct, but that would be the perception. Especially if it looks like he is the only reason that she is winning primaries. She needs to show that she can do it on her own.

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Re: Come Back

Yeah, I think he should be a little more vocal- I think they fell for the media meme he hurts her, but I still don't think that is or was the case.

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Re: Come Back Bill Clinton, We Love You!

Its a pity the Clinton camp fell for the media and Obama meme that Bill is hurting her. The Obama camp were desperate to shut Bill up. He was an effective attack dog with memorable some of the more memorable phrases of the campaign. "Roll of the dice," "fairytale" etc. Bill has been extraordinarily effective telling Hillary's story and her policies to crowds much as he did in New Hampshire. Joe Scarborough of MSNBC is determined though to keep Bill in a box. Scaborough can't help but return to the scene of the crime of Gingrich-style verbal thuggery against Bill.

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Re: Come Back Bill Clinton, We Love You!

Bill never used the phrase, "roll of the dice", it was used by Rose, his interviewer. Watch that interview again.

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Re: Come Back Bill Clinton, We Love You!

I'll take your word for it. Let's say Clinton  breathed life into the  phrase. It will long haunt Obama, even if he gets to the White House.

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Re: Come Back Bill Clinton, We Love You!

I never loved Bill. I could never figure out why people were in love with him. But after he called the Press on their b.s. over Hillary's campaign, he has been redeemed.

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