republicans for hillary

Doesa anyone know if there's a Republicans 4 Hillary website?  I know there's one for O.

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Frank Rich NYT Column

Boy those Obama groupies are doing so much to unite the party.

Anyone seen Frank Rich's column in NYT today? After reading this, it makes me want to leave the Dem Party if O is nominated -- and I've always been an anyone-but-a-republican, yellow dog, true blue Democrat.

First, he quotes Hillary as arrogantly saying "It will be me" from an old interview with Katie Couric.  I actually saw that interview myself live, and don't remember her saying that. What I do remember is Katie asking Hillary what she would do if she did not win the party's nomination, and Hillary replied that she doesn't think about losing; she is a positive person; and she is so involved with the day-to-day campaigning that that's where all her attention goes.

Second, he warns that "slights of hand" may be used to include the "bogus Florida and Michigan delegates" at the convention.  Shame on him for calling millions of good, loyal Democratic voters "bogus." How would he like to have his vote disenfranchised!

The NYT should fire this guy.  God know what a salary he gets for writing his crap.

And, hey that Obama -- what a uniter! Here's a little quiz (multiple choice) for everyone:

Who said "I'm a uniter, not a divider"?

(a) Barack Obama
(b) George W. Bush
(c) both of the above
(d) none of the above

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tonight's debate

Does anyone know how to submit a question to CNN for tonight's debate in TX?  I've been lost on the CNN website for the past hour trying to find somewhere to submit a question!

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caveat emptor

Are Elections Personality Contests?  Here's a copy of a recent letter I wrote to a local editor:

To the editor:

In case everyone has forgotten, the media doesn't really have a great track-record in their picks for president.  Well, to be more precise,  they are good at getting their choice elected; but after the election is over, that choice becomes a disaster for the country.

How does the media get their candidate elected?  First, it almost seems they predetermine who'll be the next president.  Then they create a wonderful, warm and fuzzy personality for their choice, at the same time creating unattractive personas for anyone else.  The point is it's the media making up and spinning these personalities.  They could take the creepiest person around and render him all warm and fuzzy to their viewers; and vice versa turn a very engaging and intelligent person into a monster.

Remember 2000:  Gore was so "cold and wooden and unattractive; but, hey, what a likeable fellow that Bush is -- wouldn't you just love to have a beer with him?" (Forget the fact that it might not be such a good idea to have a drink with a recovering alcoholic.)

Then in 2004, in similar vein, the media painted John Kerry as cold and unappealing.  And anyone who would yell at a noisy campaign rally like Howard Dean did must be a total nut.  Not to worry though, that likeable guy Bush is still around to have another beer with.

In the primary phase of election 2008, the media has again from the get-go been having fun creating their personalities. This time it's cold, calculating and cackly Hillary, on the one hand, and Mr. Charisma himself Barack Obama, on the other.  And that Hillary has always been so ambitious.  Not Barack though -- he just gets elected to the Senate (first term) and right away starts running for president.  Has anyone ever called him too ambitious?  To the contrary, following the media spin, wouldn't you just love to have a beer with such a likeable guy?  (Hey, and maybe Bush could join you!)

When you see the media blatantly giving a candidate the proverbial free pass (a la Obama), crowning their choice from the outset, and you're inclined to trust the media's taste in presidential candidates, all I have to say to everyone is:  caveat emptor.

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Wisconsin crossovers

Does anyone have a breakdown of Wisconsin's open primary crossover results?  Specifically:

What percentage of crossover Republicans and Independents went for Obama?

And what percentage of real Democrats (not Independents who registered as Dems) went for Obama and Clinton?


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Florida voters

I am from New Hampshire and my mother lives in Florida.  I am one NH Dem who is outraged that my mother's vote is disenfranchised by the DNC.  The millions of voters in Florida did not break any rules. Heads should role at the DNC for this. Here's a copy of a letter I wrote to my local newspaper.

To the Editor:

     Unbelievably, millions of voters have been thrown out of the 2008 primary.  This time it's not faulty voting machines and hanging chads!  To recap how we got to this sad place of disenfranchisement, here's the history.  For lack of space, I'll focus on Florida, though Michigan's voters need to be addressed too.
      The Florida State Legislature (under Republican rule), not happy with being lumped together with everyone else on Super Tuesday, moved their primary date up to January 29.  They purposefully chose this date following the earlier primaries/caucuses of Iowa, NH, Nevada and South Carolina, so as not to encroach upon the first primary status of those states.  This legislation was then signed into law by Florida's Republican Governor (05/21/07).  
      The problem is this new legislation did not follow the Democratic National Committee rules, so the DNC imparted a 2-part punishment.  And who does the DNC punish?  Their own Democratic voters! -- who have become innocent victims of this whole insanity.
       Anyway, here's the punishment:  First, the presidential candidates would not be allowed to campaign in Florida.  If punishment were warranted, this was harsh enough, but the DNC whacked another stick:  Florida's  Democratic voters will not be represented at the National Convention.  Talk about throwing a baby out in the bathwater!!  For the DNC to tell millions of voters not to bother to vote because they don't count is incredibly short-sighted and just plain STUPID!!  Well, vote they did in record-breaking numbers(over 60% in my mom's county).
      Doesn't the DNC know how critical Florida and Michigan are to the general election?  Why are they alienating millions of their own Democrats?!  In effect, the DNC has disenfranchised its own people, voters who themselves had nothing to do with the Florida State Republican-ruled Legislature's rescheduling of the primary date.
      Is this what we call representative democracy?

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