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    Once again: look at the polls for September(I am using the Pollster.com)--until the economy exploded, Obama was losing to McCain!

    Lehman Bankrupted officially on September 15, that is a Monday. Looking at the wiki timeline: "It culminated on September 9, 2008, when Lehman's shares plunged 45% to $7.79, after it was reported that the state-run South Korean firm had put talks on hold."

    September 8/9/10 was McCain's high-water mark against Obama where has 1-3 points ahead. Obama's strategy had begun to fail, and it was only because the economy collapsed (i.e. something outside his control) that he was lucky enough to seize the lead again and never let it go. Hearing the praises heaped on Plouffe etc. disturbs me because their plan was in fail mode until God/Fate/Luck stepped in and kicked McCain and the country right in the pocketbook.

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    We need to find those nukes. We really REALLY need to know where they are.

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    Considering pro-choice with an emphasis on contraception IS the moderate position, no?

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    No. The right has nearly destroyed the state. This is no time for half measures.

    "I have to say I find it hard to believe that Obama's pick won't be reliably in the liberal camp..."

    Then apparently Beeton has not been paying attention to Obama's actions. The next time he appoints a fierce lefty to a senior position will be... what, the second time?

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    I don't think "Americans who have placed their faith in the country's new President and his new leadership."

    I think it's far more they are willing to give them a chance as the past president and leadership's approach have completely not worked. That's why they're still indies, they are not at the stage where they see the expanded government as good but I think their position is closer to "How could that make things worse? Let's give it a shot."

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    In faq I have only been to 1 in Mexico.

    And otherwise I do not and will not indulge in this hobby because despite my personal interests, I am aware that it is bad for society and support elimination of the practice.

    But yeah, I like seeing pathetic things fight for my amusement.

  • I don't care what they look like as long as they are young and liberal and confirmed.

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    Saw this somewhere, that with the GOP immolating itself, and the "moderate" (really conservative) GOPers jumping to the Dems, there maybe be a space being made for a viable party somewhat to the left of the Democrats.

  • Well that's why we have primaries right? The indies are not going to be voting for Toomey (they'll stay home) just because Arlen is defeated by Real Dem in the primary as long as it doesn't descend into out-right blood-letting.

  • The question is will Obama campaign for Specter?

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    I don't give a fuck about animals. I am very much of the school that they are basically fuzzy robots, and even if they aren't, they still aren't on a level of consenting adults or even older children.

    But you need to have minimal standards for their care and living conditions or you hurt the human population. Thus I support many of these kinds of bills (such as cocking fighting bans which I personally love but know contribute to spreading disease) and greater regulation out of pure self-interest.

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    I'm fine with that, celibacy is a stupid requirement and it was only imposed because priests were giving land to their kids instead of the church.

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    Hmm so is South Africa devolving now?

  • I would think they would just take Kashmir. Does India have the desire to increase their population by 15%, and Muslim at that? That would be recipe for a constant, costly low level insurgency. I can't see them willing to spend the resource to move beyond full control of Kashmir and maybe a buffer zone.

    I'd much rather Iran had nukes than the Taliban.

  • I said it before in the the other thread: rescue means securing the nukes whatever it takes.


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