• They are going to go with a top down approach. Look at how they ran the campaign.

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    What would happen if Crist switched and came out?

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    I've spoken to several people involved in the federal and local levels of meth issue in Iowa. They said that the "sudafed laws" has largely driven the local mom-and-pop meth makers out of business so what remains are the foreign outfits from the coasts or Mexico who can afford to buy the base industrial chemicals in huge batches and mix it up.

  • Last I heard Puntland didn't WANT to secede (but Somaliland effectively has).

  • The more I read of Scalia's opinions the more holes I see in them. He talks a good game but there are plenty of places where his reasoning is weak.

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    I have long argued that Empire isn't necessarily something to be avoided at all costs. Rome after all, survived because it went to the dominate from the principate and to the principate from a Republic wracked by class division.

    Our real problem is that we shitty emperors and our political system encourages pure short-term thinking meaning the life of the state is not really worried about by the leadership. At least if you're emperor-until-you-get-assassinated you can take a bit of a longer view.

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    Is it true that due to their actually being a law on the books he CAN'T act absent legislation from Congress?

    If so time to spend some of that political capital buddy. You can't use it all up in your attempt to get republican votes.

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    This is total BS, I do think Jerome ran a fairly negative campaign against Obama and it was largely premised on his belief that Obama would not be as viable as HRC--and he's totally right here.

    What is the big deal, what McAuliffe did was ridiculous in the primary and what Moran did was only point out the truth. Terry McAuliffe did you ridiculous efforts to smear Barack Obama, and he didn't do much (visibly) in the GE to help him.

    And there is nothing wrong with pointing out that McAuliffe is rightist opportunistic scum.

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    Why aren't we helping Somaliland breakaway completely again? Salvage something...

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    The Nuke stuff keeps me awake at night. I definitely feel less threat of Iran having nukes than the Taliban.

  • Right, but Lehman began it's plunge on September 9 when it's stock lost a ton of value. That's when the public really became aware they were in trouble, it takes a few days for that to filter into the polling, so post-Lehman troubles McCain started dropping because he showed himself unserious about the economy in the face of disaster.

    I'm glad you see what I'm getting at. I just don't think Obama would have won 51-49, I think he would have lost that much because of the un-ending news cycle losses that would have blunted the effect of the VOWEs.

  • Only because the economic crisis forced people to actually imagine Palin as president and they were rightly horrified.

  • Team Obama is incapable of panicking. Generally that's to their credit but using that as evidence of the plan working fine is not particularly strong. They have admitted that they were unprepared and surprised at the Palin selection and their response were flat footed. That's as excited as they get. It's possible to calmly watch as everything around you implodes.

    We'll just have to agree to disagree.

  • No I wish I was. Look, think back to that time. From the moment Sarah Palin was announced to the fall of Lehman, McCain was winning the news cycles every day and the Obama campaign was not even trying to do that because they felt their efforts paid more dividends elsewhere. Fine, fair enough. But the attacks had begun to transform the campaign into the same old style that had let Republicans win before--so many furious attacks that it would totally disrupt the momentum/cohesion.

    To me this was born out in the degradation from Obama's position. The convention bounce that faded almost instantly, the McCain convention bounce that did not and so and so on. Throughout period since the conventions until Lehman, Obama was losing ground.

    The financial collapse forced people to throw that over the side and look at what was really important. That's good that people did that and good that Obama was far more up to the challenge than John McCain but the point was, Obama did not attempt to counter McCain's news-cycle victories and I (and some others) believed it had begun to tell on the campaign. We were "fortunate" that the financial crisis disrupted that and made people act like adults (and was followed up by a series of VOWEs) but that's where I'm coming from.

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    The only witness for Jesus that should be allowable in the military is the one that works best: actions and not words.


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