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    Supports Bolton?
    Voted to support the nuclear option?
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    There's something on how to help in Minnesota. I live on the border with ND so it's a rather conservative area, though with a strong blue prescense I'd like to learn how to do my part.
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    Collin Peterson to voice my displeasure at his "Nay" vote. Probably won't do much good, but gotta try right?
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    This is just standard procedure.

    The GOP complains and complains and screams and bitches on their way to the next win, and the next, and the next.

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    Believe the Republicans won't just go on stealing elections?
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    ...that in all cases, Editors were more ready to publish photos of the dead Americans than readers were, but only slightly.
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    So TA Frank posted something on TNR about the race. Here's about half of it.

    ' On the other hand, Janice[Hahn]'s brother has been a crappy mayor, while Villaraigosa, who has yet to be elected, is only a likely-to-be-crappy mayor. This distinction has won Villaraigosa endorsements from, among others, John Kerry and the Los Angeles Times, even though the Times editorial admitted that the two men "hold almost indistinguishable (if frustratingly vague) positions."  '

    Now 90% of the time TNR gets it wrong, but I don't have a dog in this fight so I wonder, what the response to that would be.

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    ...do those of us in the rank and file fight this?
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    I was too young to vote in his election, but Ventura did do some good things for Minnesota and at least for the first two years, was pretty solid.

    I'm not saying he was a good governor, but I felt he was competent to run the state. To some extent, both parties united to stymie him because of his 3rd party status.

  • There IS a Clash of Civilizations going on here.

    A civilization of fear and lies against one of liberty, honesty and determination. Of course, finding out which civilization people are a part of is sometimes difficult.

  • Labour was a bit authoritarian left and Lib Dem was similar but without the authoritarian tendencies, i.e. more liberal.
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    Look, my parents are both strong unionists. However in my personal experience all the unions have ever done is fuck things up.

    They screw over my parents when it comes to grievances and are too fucking jealous of their own power to combine forces to become stronger.

    That's why while I support unionization of places like wall mart, sometimes they have proved to be more trouble than they are worth.

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    It's a shame that the great Director Peter Jackson has to share his name with hack-AP writer Peter Jackson.

    C'mon. Someone had to say it, you were all thinking it.

  • Here in Minnesota, I can look out over the river and SEE Fargo and North Dakota but I can do little to push Conrad. Maybe Dorgan should beat him over the head a little. BTW, I saw Dorgan arguing about SS on CSPAN2 and I had to say I was quite impressed.
  • Last time Party-Within-A-Party happened we got the Dixiecrats.

    Are we so sure this is the best course of action?


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