Dear Mr. Winship

Chirs' excellent piece about Scott Winship's screed over at Democratic Strategist piqued me enough to go and read the whole thing. It's kind of worse than even Chris made it out to be, so I felt the need to give my own response to Winship's elitiest little rant.

Fortunately I can have no compunction about doing this because I have a lot more experience than a callow youth like Winship and was actually at some of the "historical" events he references. My response after the flip.

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My Knees are Green from Kneeling in the Grassroots

Today I spent part of my Sunday going to an event at a private home in Venice, CA held for Marcy Winograd. The place was fairly packed, with nearly a hundred people filling the modest residence.  All the chairs were filled, people spilled over to adjoining rooms and stood in the hallways and I ended up kneeling on the carpet.  It was quite an experience.

Who is Marcy Winograd and why is she important? Marcy is a progressive Democrat who is running in the Democrat primary to replace Jane Harman as the Representative from California's 36th District.  Yes, that Jane Harmon.

Harmon as we know, is a big gun Dem, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, and a hawk.  What kind of person would take on the seemingly quixotic task of going after an entrenched member of the DC elite, who has tremendous name recognition and is bound to be well funded? Maybe our own version of Ned Lamont.  Read on...

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