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    This was a terrible tragedy.  But if this is what local news organizations are running it can't help but be good for Darcy's campaign as it shows her grace, courage, spirit and grounded values.

    Now let's all pitch in and help her have the resources to win.

  • The "we" are McCain trolls. Like "Clintonistas will flock in droves to McCain."  

    Sure. Because McSame believes in everything that Hillary does.

  • Hotter than hell in soCal.  I'm sweltering and I live right by the ocean.  Pity the poor folk in the valleys where it's 110 plus.

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    But it's in the running.

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    Hillary has done herself no favors.

    She has tried to diminish the actual candidate, Obama, attempted to keep divisions within the party alive, and shown herself to be a selfish, graceless and not very truthful person.

    I wonder if she even realizes that this will come back to haunt her in the future as she realizes just how much many in the party are unhappy with her actions.  

    Typical of her whole campaign, and one of the big reasons it was a losing one.

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    "The big questions for me: will it be as much as 20% and will turnout of 1 million or so net her another 200k votes out of today?"

    Short answer - No.

    Longer answer - No way.

  • Your lovin' gives me a thrill
    But your lovin' don't pay the bills
    Give me money
    It's what I want.
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    No.  Nothing realistically achievable is "enough."

    Barring some catastrophic blunder by, or incredibly bad news about Obama (he is a devil worshiper who eats babies, for instance) Hillary has lost the nomination.  At this point that much is clear.

    What PA will provide is the margin of Obama's victory and the momentum he has going forward.

    I like Hillary.  In truth, I liked her much more before this campaign, but I still admire her in some aspects.  But, she has lost.  Get used to it.

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    Actually, it's more like we handed over the keys to our car to a drunk driver who didn't even like us, and thought he was a beneficiary on our life insurance policy, and not only didn't notice for fifteen years but covered our ears when someone tried to tell us.

    And then we wondered why we had been in so many near fatal accidents.

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    McCain has hired the Swift Boat crew and a bunch of the nastiest campaign operatives he could find including the ones who destroyed him in 2000. My bet is that he'll go after Rudy hammer and tongs, more so when he realizes he's losing ground.

    There is so much dirt in Rudy's history he won't survive and the tough guy image will be turned around on him. Guaranteed. But that doesn't man McCain will then have a resurgence and rise to the front again. My thought is that Rudy and St. John will beat each other up so badly that a third candidate will arise from the mud and trump them both. I doubt it will be Romney, either. My guess right now is Huckabee, whom we have to watch out for in '08.

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    The ground game is all in this race. A good GOTV can be worth 2-3 percent. Lamont's backers are committed, passionate, organized and energized, the party machine and the unions. Joe's are paid hacks, students just in it for the money and dispirited Republicans. Draw you own conclusions.

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    High turnout has got to be good for Ned. From the start Ned's supporters had the drive and passion, can you imagine anyone making an extra effort to vote for Joe? Me neither.

    This sets all the polls' "likely voter" screens on their ear. Look for a Lamont victory. Narrow, maybe 1 to 3 percent, but a victory nonetheless.

    And ...NARAL can go kiss my ass.

  • on a comment on Zogby Polls 15 House Races over 7 years ago

    Lanny Davis cold do the Dems a big favor by having his jaw wired shut.

  • Absolutely.

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    It is not too early, in fact the time is now, to start to identify, promote, fund and encourage primary challengers to every Dem who voted in favor of this scandalous, un-American, fascist bill.

    The most important race in this cycle may be in Connecticut. If Lamont unseats Lieberman perhaps other quisling Dems may get the message. Of what value will a Dem majority be if it is a majority of torture enablers and Constitution wreckers?

    IF Dems think caving on an issue as important as this will work in their favor they are sorely mistaken, on every level.


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