How to Win a Schoolyard Fight - a Guide for '06 Democrats

Zack Exley has a post at Huffington Post that anyone interested in winning in 2006 should read. It's on a par with Chris Bowers' analysis of what the Democrats need to do to win. /how-to-win-a-schoolyard-f_b_28952.htm.

"Too many Democrats at all levels are making a critical error in the final stretch of the fight for Congress. This is the same mistake that lost the Kerry campaign and that has plagued Democrats for more than a decade. It's not the fault of any one committee or consultant -- this is a cultural problem that afflicts almost every Democratic and progressive entity.

"The problem is that we don't fight. Three psychological barriers have overtaken our subculture and left us defenseless against the schoolyard bully: 1) Fear of the ball, 2) self-doubt, and 3) meanness."

Go to the link and read the rest of it.

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Who is That?

Whose picture is that at the top of the page? He looks familiar. Is he a member of Congress? Most of the people who appear there are instantly recognizable. Sometimes though, they are not. How can we identify them?

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