• Votes cannot be churned out of voters who refuse to support Obama.  If what you say is true about the financial picture, then it's even more alarming that the race is so close at this point.  Do you think that some great epiphany is about to occur, making reluctant voters say, "Oh wait.  No matter what I hear and see regarding Obama, I simply am compelled to vote for him."?  

    The DNC and the Obama blogs are experiencing a catastrophic disconnect with the average American voter.  The polls are blaring this fact, but Obama devotees are refusing to listen.  I have been an active Democrat for many years and yet I do not know more than a mere handful of people who plan to vote for Obama. If this sentiment holds, a landslide loss is in store.  And it will have little to do with Hillary Clinton. It will have everything to do with the fact that the majority of voters do not see Barack Obama as presidential material.

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    "Although the margin between Obama and McCain is now similar to what it was in the last few weeks of the Democratic primary race, the structure of the race looks slightly different than at any other time this year as a result of the relatively high percentage of voters -- 15% -- not favoring either major-party candidate. This includes 7% of voters who say they are undecided and 8% who say they will not vote for either candidate (including 1% who volunteer they will vote for another specific candidate)."

    There is no indication here that Obama can win. I still don't understand why anyone firmly believes that he will.  He should be far ahead at this point--at least in double digits--given Bush's unpopularity.  So if/when he loses, the blame will fall on him and his party supporters, not on Hillary Clinton. There is absolutely no rational reason for blaming Clinton if he's defeated.  In fact, the most convincing upshot is that common wisdom will say that Clinton SHOULD have been nominated. Obama's supporters in the party will be disgraced and Clinton will emerge the party leader.  And a strong one.

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    If some of you had read the threatening letters and emails that the Clinton Campaign has received you would find that sexism is every bit as alive as racism. Hillary doesn't talk about it, but the Obama campaign and its supporters yell racism continually.  That Bill Clinton was accused of racism has not gone down well, nor does calling West Virginians and white women and Hispanics and people over 60 racist, simply because they do not think Obama is qualified to be president.    

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    Forget race.  Obama will end up in November being the same kind of disastor that Mondale, McGovern, Dukaksis and Kerry were.  And they were white.  The biggest difference will be that women who usually vote Democratic will not be voting for Obama in the same numbers.  That they will either vote for McCain or not vote at all is not a hollow threat.  I don't think the Obama camapign and its supporters have any idea how enraged many women are at the treatment of our first serious woman candidate and former first lady.  But you'll get a good idea come November.      

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    This is really silly.  First, I didn't hear any complaints from Obama supporters about his "Dems for a Day" campaign.  Second, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence ( some from my own family members) that Republican women are crossing over to vote for Clinton and they fully intend to vote for her in November.  

    Perhaps what we should be concentrating on is the totally moronic way the Democratic party allots the delgates.  It's winner-take-all in November and should be the same in the primary.  If it were, we would have our most electable candidate (HRC) by now and all this current angst, melodrama, and contentiousness would be nonexistant.

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    Someone at Talk Left just did the math and if Florida and Michigan are included Hillary is now ahead in popular vote count.  I'm amazed that Obama supporters are still so cocky when it's clear the tide is turning.    

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    It's even worse to say it about someone who will have far more pressure in the White House than he's ever had on the campaign trail. When his military advisors tell him there will be incoming nuclear bombs within the hour and he MUST make a decision, will he say "present?"

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    You've ignored one highly significant deviation that has occurred this year; unlike any other year, a woman is running.  We've already seen statistics showing Republican women changing their registration so they can vote for HRC.  

    If Clinton is cheated out of the nomination by virtue of disenfranchising Michigan and Florida voters, or if women are repulsed by the thuggish tactics of Obama supporters and their media, you WILL see a backlash. How much?  We don't know yet how many women will vote for McCain or, more likely, simply not vote on the presidential line.  Since women comprise more than half the electorate, if I were the Democratic leadership I would be less than sanguine.  

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    I'd say this is great news for Clinton, since the history of previous primaries, excluding Wisc., show her getting the Democratic undecideds in the couple of days before the vote.  And this explains why she has consistently underpolled, while Obama does the opposite.  He cannot win these big states where voters come to their senses at the last minute.  Which bodes disastor for him in November should he get the nomination.  Wyoming just isn't going to do it for him.

  • What a weak tactic--particularly since Clinton already admitted it and apologized. Things must be getting pretty desperate in the BO campaign.  

    And this is even more hilarious in light of the fact that Clinton has a whole platoon of military brass endorsing her, such as 4-star general, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wes Clark.  If they're backing Hillary, I'm not too impressed with what a couple of Obama's very few military backers say. And who cares if she embellished an incident? Obama embellished plenty of material in his book and has said so. If he's so concerned about our foreign affairs, why in hell hasn't he held even one single meeting of his committee which, among other crucial areas, oversees Afghanistan?

    This is sad.  Very sad.  But still hilarious in what it implies about his faltering campaign.

  • I think we've heard this song before.  Funny how Democrats keep voting for her anyway.  Especially since Obama has to rely on Democrats-for-a-day Republicans to win.  When Florida and Michigan are factored in--and they will be unless Dean and Brazile want to commit suicide for the Dem party --Clinton is in good shape.  Better today then the Gallop poll shows Obama to be: an 11 point drop for him in just six days.

  • I would imagine the Move On comments would only benefit Clinton.  No one who was still a member of such a pro-partisan Obama organization was going to vote for Clinton anyway.  

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    Anyone who thinks the last debate, combined with Jeremiah Wright and Obama's judgment call on small town Americans, has had no effect needs to think again.  On April 13th Obama was 10 points ahead of Clinton.  11 points is a significant drop in just six days.

  • Newsweek's poll?  Are you serious--or rather, have you read Newsweek in the past three months? It's wall-to-wall Obama worship.  Why don't you look instead at pollsters who've been very reliable in the past, such as SUSA?  They tell a different story.


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