Chimps and Chumps


Thousands of depictions of George W. Bush as a chimpanzee were floating around the media for 8 years, and nobody noticed the racial implications of any of them!

"Comme c'est bizarre, comme c'est étrange et quelle coincidence!"

Most of the people demanding that the Post fire Sean Delonas probably don't even know that his cartoons run on Page Six, and mostly cover sports and entertainment, and only what you might call the most grotesque elements of national politics, like the economic stimulus designed by Larry Summers and Tim Geithner.

Personally, I think of Summers and Geithner as goddamned blood-suckers and chumps, but now that criticism of the ridiculous tax-cut stimulus has been rebranded as racism, I guess we can all forget about the millions of jobs and houses that will be lost because of absurd concessions to Republicans, and go back to our usual media-induced stupor until another wave of phony outrage or phony concern or some other form of news about nothing comes out of nowhere and distracts us again.

It only makes the whole stupid mess even stupider that it coincided with the 8th anniversary of the great Chandra Levy super-spectacle that distracted almost everybody from the stolen Presidential election in 2001.

So now that a cartoon from Page Six of the New York Post has crowded any criticism of the brain-dead stimulus out of the news, I want to add my little voice to the chorus of praise for all the unscrupulous hustlers who divert us from unpleasant realities year after year, by updating one of Sean Delonas' cartoons from a few weeks back...


(Note: If the idea of a chimpanzee is inextricably linked to African-Americans in the popular consciousness, then it follows that most people who saw George W. Bush compared to a chimp would connect one more dot, according to the usual laws of classical conditioning that made Pavlov's dogs jump when they heard a bell previously associated with electric shock.

Bush... Chimpanzee... African-American!

But this never happened.)

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I thought a saw a pudda-tat

How sweet our little PUMA's are...

It's like watching an 8 year old that doesn't get the shiny bike in the window and pitches a fit right in front of the store.

Dementia can be entertaining, especially when it as earnest and clueless as Milos!

by WashStateBlue 2009-02-22 11:16AM | 0 recs
Re: Chimps and Chumps

I love when people try to seem smarter by quoting something in French.


It's like the go to "I'm smarter than you" card.  

Me?  I'm still waiting for Spanish to have that same effect...then WATCH OUT WORLD, here comes freedom78's witty response!

by freedom78 2009-02-22 11:28AM | 0 recs
Re: Chimps and Chumps

I'm the first to name manufactured outrage, but this isn't an example.  White guys aren't routinely compared with primates of the furrier sensibility, that's reserved for a certain color of human. If Bush is called a chimp, it's cause the chimp is playful and goofy, and not because his race is nudge nudge wink wink less evolved.  

This isn't a PUMA talking point, it's a pug one. Get it straight?  

by anna shane 2009-02-22 12:12PM | 0 recs
Re: Chimps and Chumps

I always thought he was called a chimp cause ...well...he looked like one

by selfevident 2009-02-23 02:38AM | 0 recs
Re: Chimps and Chumps

we all look like one.  It's the stereotype of the happy go lucky primate.  

by anna shane 2009-02-23 08:09AM | 0 recs
Re: Chimps and Chumps

Ah Jacob, you been missed. (Please read with appropriate amount of sarcasm)

by jsfox 2009-02-22 12:27PM | 0 recs
pardon moi.

si vous pensez que comique a rien n'être outragé de, vous monsieur est une douche!

by canadian gal 2009-02-22 01:45PM | 0 recs
Re: Oh I forgot

Thank you for remembering this country's long and embarrassing history of oppression against rich Texan sons of oil men.  They've gotten the short end of the stick for far too long.

by mistersite 2009-02-22 03:12PM | 0 recs
I only compared Bush to a chimp when he

was in the stuffed-codpiece flight suit.

Then, he truly was "Chimpy McFlightsuit"

All the other times, I always referred to him as "The Fratboy in Chief"

I like Chimps better then Frat-boys...

So, Milo, is calling him "Frat-boy in Chief" insulting to drunken white-boy college students?

It's so hard to be politically correct these days.

by WashStateBlue 2009-02-23 12:56PM | 0 recs


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